What Is Love Poem by kerri king

What Is Love

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love what is it
love know one know
love is something
something but what?
no ones know

can you tell me
tell me about love
i dont know do u
i need to know
i want to know
love what is it

i know love
love is were
you hold one another
love is where
you say i love you
and mean it

Kerri King 27 November 2012

Ive not been on my site for years.. i forgot what i posted... i could cry over this one.

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Jessee Bennett 05 November 2012

I love this poem. Its a tragety when this happens to people.

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Jovahna Davis 01 June 2009

i really dont undersrand y people always play with other people feeling but that's life i love ur peom

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Osceola Waters 18 June 2007

Kerri when love comes along, listen to your instincts, be careful, take your time with any decision that will define your future, love can come with a false face, in the form of deceit, but the right person, will bring happiness, honesty, stability, truth, faithfulness, security, for a life time not 5 minutes, so look carefully Kerri Osceola

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a blank reflection 14 April 2007

hey i really like this poem because i just found out what love is

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kerri king

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