School Just School Poem by kerri king

School Just School

Rating: 2.2

School we need it
school, friends
school you have teachers
school is great
high school is even better
college, PARITES

school you mite find your true love
new experiences everyday
school, dances
school just school
school who dose not love it
school is fun

school, preps
school, classes
school, math, science, computer classes
school is great love it
school just school
we need school

School Just School
Swatipratik Nooka 26 December 2008

Bull Sh1t stop saying bad words

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Swatipratik Nooka 26 December 2008

I love this poem and there are some spelling mistakes

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Janriel Pastor 29 May 2008

to many spelling mistakes

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Bull Sh1t 20 May 2008

Learn how to spell and the poem is horrible

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Aiyanna Bucao 10 June 2008

klkl i like it and i know nt lots of peeps like school i mean you get to hang with your m8 ...................

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xiang lu 19 October 2019


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Sahil rai 24 July 2019

This will reminded about school

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cc Hlo 09 June 2019

Lord i lift your name on high

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Mahtab Bangalee 27 May 2019

it's a HYMN on SCHOOL! great and wise expression

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Karmanjeet 05 February 2019

So...... Nice poem I love it very much

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