Kevin Hulme Poems

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To The Girl With The Titian Hair

I said goodbye to the fields of the Summertime, The loud cries of the village fair. The mist in the vale by the rising sun, To the Girl with the Titian Hair. I said farewell to the Brooks and the Cottage near, To the birds and the songs they do share. The walks in the dusk after long sultry days, To the Girl with the Titian Hair. A lasting look to the Larkspur and the Rose, And the scent that give all to the air, The Oak by the lane where I spoke of the Heart, To the Girl with the Titian Hair. I said goodbye to the Sun setting far in the West, For the Eve's were all burnished and rare. Where she told of her Love for another in wait, For the Girl with the Titian Hair. Now when the frost and the snow of the wintertime come, To strip the dress of the Countryside bare, I will think of a love one Summer Time past. To the Girl with the Titian Hair.

Mobile Phone Junkies

To the phone users lift up your heads;
For you appear as mourners in prayer for the dead.
Look all around where Nature is shown;
Where Colour and Scent are by Gaia once Sown.

So This Is Love Revisited.

So this is Love and the Rich Vein it applied,
The Byronic Verse and Blue April skies.
All thoughts of you are maddeningly hectic,
Thoroughly charged like ‘Dylan' gone electric.

The Library.

Amongst the row upon row of polished shelf's,
The Books all patiently stand in file.
Their stories and facts make up their wealth,
And whatever else their leaves compile.

Eighteen Again

Porcelain face, clear eyes set in blue,
The hair no barber could tame.
In love with a girl in the gamine kind of style,
Oh I wish I was Eighteen once again.

From A Window

The Dormer Windows open wide,
And views the yawning countryside.
For beyond the glare of the familiar pane,
A Tableau spread of life in train.

I'm Not Quite Sure What This Poems About

What; I wonder is this Poem about,
As I'm climbing the walls in working it out.
A few nice words are here and there,
The Odd Choice Rhyme that we all could bare.

For One Day

Would for a peculiar single lone day
As if by chance all time confused,
You looked at me in a Loving way
Now such laws of fate removed.

At First Sight

That was the moment when I stumbled to fall
From the jolt of the Heart by the joy of it all,
The fleeting look that at once gave thought
That told of Love in a instant caught.


For so it is when I cannot sleep,
I set myself to counting Sheep.
My eyes grow heavy around Eighty Eight,
But by the time I get home I'm wide awake.

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