I'm Not Quite Sure What This Poems About Poem by Kevin Hulme

I'm Not Quite Sure What This Poems About

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What; I wonder is this Poem about,
As I'm climbing the walls in working it out.
A few nice words are here and there,
The Odd Choice Rhyme that we all could bare.
A Meter that's pleasant if not to fine,
A description of sorts of the Metaphor kind.
It isn't Blank and neither Free,
Makes a pleasing tone to some degree.
Stanzas laid to help redeem,
And make a sort of Sing along Scheme.
It's the English Weather on a Summer's day,
All ‘Sun Factor 10' and ‘Rain Stopped Play'.
There are some parts of Middling Verse,
I must admit that I've written worse.
But of a Banded Subject I'm really stumped,
It's different things in a messy lump.
I'm sure the next Poem will benefit best,
By a correlation of theme,
That's better addressed.

Wale Adekoya 07 January 2024

A poem about itself, I felt compelled to read it and when I started I felt pleasantly compelled to finish it. I could identify with every line as I have often sat and thought, am I just writing for the sake of doing so or do I really have a message. Thanks for this lovely poem.

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Kevin Hulme 11 January 2024

Yes a strange one, writing about a Poem that's not there, except in the complaint. It's like when they asked ‘Yeats' for a Poem on War and he declined in the form of a Poem. Strange. Glad you liked it.

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S. Wesley Mcgranor 07 January 2024


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