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Bond And Freedom

Life has some part
That compels us to take a sip
To whatever malignant
Ha ha, we just want to escape.

Life Of Unfulfilled Love

Have you ever seen a kite?
Which loves to fly?
In the endless blue and blue-
That falls in love with freedom, at first sight.


After a dismal day
I just pray
To my subconscious
For a pure dream or it can be a hallucination.

Silence & Peace

No more exertion, no more aspiration
After the night of deep wind
At the mirror of dew,
Will see some one's lost word in the depth of sky

Flower Of Peace

Don't worry to see my demolition
It's just a beginning
Don't worry, I won't stand again
With a thunder spear of ruling

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Social Worker and like to read and write poetry

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