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School is a community which surrounds you most
A place where teachers seem somewhat like ghosts
Believing that it’s a chance for new friends
But the community also introduces new ends

Have you ever thought that the world's a cage?
A place that immobilizes you?
The light to freedom is now gone.
For society bounds us,

Would someone help stop the battle,
I cant hear the sound of my rattle.
There is too much noise,
As I look for my toys.


Pain is something easy
For some it makes them queasy
But that depends on you
Some like it 'cause its numbing

So people of the world want to know
If I have any form of status quo
Like do I go out for a sloppy Joe
Live in a box like a puppet show

When I think back to my past
I see myself aged three
But I'm crying
For the fear someone's dying

Every where you go leads to trouble
Fight or you'll be the first to stumble
Under the stars grows problems for all
You have to grow or you'll lose in this brawl

Though you embrace me to the point of pain
We shall never be united
And at a place which beauty’s inhumane
This love will remain unrequited

Book of words filled with the words of my heart
Have I done foolishness or am I smart?
So much occurred in a matter of time
But the things I’ve done; can they be a crime?

Fancy clothes, tiara like a queen
Why can't I come in my jeans?
Manicured nails, skin like a dove
Why can't I wear my baseball glove?

There was a girl who wished to play
Outside of her castle here she stayed
But she was a princess; beauty renown
And someone wanted her to be overthrown

Life is just so cruel
Makes me wanna scream
I just wanna wake up
From this horrible dream

Ever silent; still
Always looking, watching
For they care for the one they watch


Can you hear the roar, scream, of the rocket?
Just as it takes-off, escaping; gone
Flying through the sky; time and space
Flying past the planets,

The house next door is a booby-trap
Cause Fred snuck through the cat flap

If you wanna have fun
This is what you should NOT do
Play pranks on your friends
And then your wish WONT come true!

When you wake up in the morning
What do you first see
The glow of an alarm clock
Or mother nature's towering trees?

Came to town one day
Whilst on my holiday
Listening to my MP3
Started walking by the sea

As i reach out to the light
It turns its back on me
The world seems ever so dark
And there's nobody else I can see

Is love truly what it seems?
Is it only real in your dreams
'Cause love has its ups and downs
Its self-made tears and frowns

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Hello people of the world. The name above is a pen name so don't worry if it sounds silly! Also all of my poems are copyrighted, so no stealing please ;) * note * i will be gradually removing my poems from this site and onto another. sorry for the inconvenience Aged 14 and having some many different ideas about the world can be kind of confusing. Is the world a place of peace or full of turmoil and destruction. Sometimes things can come crashing down at you feet but sometimes you have to pick up the pieces.Thats what i do half of the time: P Am soon going to be doing some of my GCSEs but don't worry. Lifes going great and in a few years i'll be free to fly. Hope you guys enjoy my poems :))

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School is a community which surrounds you most
A place where teachers seem somewhat like ghosts
Believing that it’s a chance for new friends
But the community also introduces new ends

You believe that you yourself can never be true
To reside into acting into someone that isn't you
The school community soon becoming fake
Inside, many people's hearts begin to ache

We believe in not showing our true selves
The community telling to dig deep in ourselves
Slowly we start believing that freedom is forbidden
But does school truly want ourselves to remain hidden?

Friendships can lead to you being cut down
We sometimes wish this community wasn't around
But then we realise not to defy the real world
And that the real truth is being unfurled

This community teaches us to stand on our own feet
And without this test we shall still remain incomplete
The teachings is something that no one seems to share
In the real world these are teachings we'll need out there

School is a place where there are things we must learn
Otherwise the community outside will cause us to return
The community outside is the place we are yearning
But this community is the place we are still learning…

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Unwritten Soul 22 October 2011

Silly Artist..not silly at all but good artist :) I am glad she find her interest and going toward into it..I am hoping you keep writing in whatever happen, the art may help you out of problem, speak your mind, release your burden, sharpening your thought and share the idea...and you are not that silly, but very good artist..write more and a piece of you will call art because no matter silly piece you call as long as it from an artist, it will call as art :) Keep it Up_Unwritten Soul

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Stefanie Fontker 19 September 2011

A Jane Of All Trades, she's has the power to make readers laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. A powerful poet, that isn't afraid to try something new, an example of true intelligence and courage.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 23 May 2010

Hello! Salima.Nice to meet you.

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