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*possible Stalker

Rating: 2.4

You think your immune,
To the powers that be,
Those who say,
That you're meant for me,
You try to hide,
Forever deny,
That you are mine,
Until you die,
You don't understand,
The bond we share,

How for ever more,
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Alicia Moore 21 July 2010

Wow, very unpredictable O.o Good!

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AnonymousRF 15 October 2020

Kudos for this poem. Just what I wanted for my stalker-based book :) Amazing job! Thank you.

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Sally Wells 12 August 2019

Perfect! Exactly what me and my friend were looking for in our story.

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Aria Siren 16 March 2013

Full of hunger for power and lingering creepyness (? not sure that is a word) Well done. Last two lines are especially fitting.

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dude, Un-Known? totally stole my comment idea. but itz still a beast poem!

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UnKnown Messenger 28 July 2010

Lol, that really does sound like a stalker / potential rapist. Quite a nice poem if you're watching from those eyes, I always struggle with writing about people, but that's tops.

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