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Rookie (may 11,1967 / long beach, california)

kiki KEYKEY amador Poems

1. The First Day I Saw U 8/19/2007
2. Finally I Will Let Go 8/21/2007
3. Goodby Goodby 11/9/2007
4. Not Worth My Time 11/9/2007
5. Keep It Simple Xoxoxoxoxoxoooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo 1/20/2008
6. Not Always About Ya Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoooxoxo 1/20/2008
7. U Need Me So Much More Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo 1/20/2008
8. The Ignorance Of Money Xooxxoxooxxoxoxooxooxoxoo 1/20/2008
9. Dont U Feel Me At All Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo 1/20/2008
10. Tru Life 1/30/2008
11. Just One Moment 1/30/2008
12. Ur My # 1 Friend...4 Eva 1/30/2008
13. Watz Happiness.............. 1/30/2008
14. Crazy Kiddie Ryehemmmmmmmmmm 1/30/2008
15. Starrry Wish 1/31/2008
16. Im Ready 2 Say I Love You 2/21/2008
17. Gangsta Whispher... 2/22/2008
18. Already Miss Ya 2/22/2008
19. Apology 2/22/2008
20. Becuz Of The Purple Rain... 2/22/2008
21. Be 4ever Happi 2/22/2008
22. Breathless Ahhhhh 2/22/2008
23. Gangsta Whispher Dam I Am.... 3/29/2008
24. Gangsta Whispher I Love My Best Friend 3/29/2008
25. Gangsta Whispher Wat Imaginations 3/29/2008
26. Gangsta Whispher..Grass Greener On Other Side 5/16/2008
27. Gangsta Whispher Catch Me Now 5/16/2008
28. Gangsta Whispher A Small Request 5/16/2008
29. Gangsta Whispher A Lonely Emotion 5/16/2008
30. Gangsta Whispher Good Old Life 5/16/2008
31. Gangsta Whispher A Litte 411 5/16/2008
32. Gangsta Whispher Reality 5/16/2008
33. Gangsta Whispher....Fast Forward 20 Years.... 7/3/2008
34. Gangsta Whispher...Luv Yaaaaa 7/3/2008
35. Gangsta Whispher....My Fairytale Wedding.. 7/3/2008
36. Gangsta Whispher...Can U Feel Me... 7/3/2008
37. Please Open This If U Read My Gangsta Whisphers... 7/3/2008
38. Gangsta Whispher Time To Say Goodby 7/4/2008
39. Gangsta Whispher.. A Letter With No Name 7/4/2008
40. Gangsta Whispher..There Anniversary 7/4/2008

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Broken Heart...Xoxoxo

i thought i heard a lulaby
soft spoken helplessly in the dark
it was that the sound of angels
crying somewhere for a broken heeaarrtt
i thought i dreamt about you
but all along u were right here
the muddy windows of my heart
have suddenly become so clear
broken dreams and thick cigars
burn away in a wisp of smoke
i wish you held me tight babee
i can pretend life is not a joke
i thought i heard u laughing
but it was the north wind
if i wish hard on a falling star
maybe you will love me again


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Ull Never B Alone

Friends will come and friends will go
The seasons will change and it will show
I will age and so will you
When your times are filled with troubles sadness grief or even doubt
When all those things you planned on
Just arent turning out
Just turn and look behind you
From the place at which you stand
And look at me through the shadwows

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