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Rookie (may 11,1967 / long beach, california)

kiki KEYKEY amador Poems

1. The First Day I Saw U 8/19/2007
2. Finally I Will Let Go 8/21/2007
3. Goodby Goodby 11/9/2007
4. Not Worth My Time 11/9/2007
5. Keep It Simple Xoxoxoxoxoxoooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo 1/20/2008
6. Not Always About Ya Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoooxoxo 1/20/2008
7. U Need Me So Much More Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo 1/20/2008
8. The Ignorance Of Money Xooxxoxooxxoxoxooxooxoxoo 1/20/2008
9. Dont U Feel Me At All Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo 1/20/2008
10. Tru Life 1/30/2008
11. Just One Moment 1/30/2008
12. Ur My # 1 Friend...4 Eva 1/30/2008
13. Watz Happiness.............. 1/30/2008
14. Crazy Kiddie Ryehemmmmmmmmmm 1/30/2008
15. Starrry Wish 1/31/2008
16. Im Ready 2 Say I Love You 2/21/2008
17. Gangsta Whispher... 2/22/2008
18. Already Miss Ya 2/22/2008
19. Apology 2/22/2008
20. Becuz Of The Purple Rain... 2/22/2008
21. Be 4ever Happi 2/22/2008
22. Breathless Ahhhhh 2/22/2008
23. Gangsta Whispher Dam I Am.... 3/29/2008
24. Gangsta Whispher I Love My Best Friend 3/29/2008
25. Gangsta Whispher Wat Imaginations 3/29/2008
26. Gangsta Whispher..Grass Greener On Other Side 5/16/2008
27. Gangsta Whispher Catch Me Now 5/16/2008
28. Gangsta Whispher A Small Request 5/16/2008
29. Gangsta Whispher A Lonely Emotion 5/16/2008
30. Gangsta Whispher Good Old Life 5/16/2008
31. Gangsta Whispher A Litte 411 5/16/2008
32. Gangsta Whispher Reality 5/16/2008
33. Gangsta Whispher....Fast Forward 20 Years.... 7/3/2008
34. Gangsta Whispher...Luv Yaaaaa 7/3/2008
35. Gangsta Whispher....My Fairytale Wedding.. 7/3/2008
36. Gangsta Whispher...Can U Feel Me... 7/3/2008
37. Please Open This If U Read My Gangsta Whisphers... 7/3/2008
38. Gangsta Whispher Time To Say Goodby 7/4/2008
39. Gangsta Whispher.. A Letter With No Name 7/4/2008
40. Gangsta Whispher..There Anniversary 7/4/2008

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Best Poem of kiki KEYKEY amador

Broken Heart...Xoxoxo

i thought i heard a lulaby
soft spoken helplessly in the dark
it was that the sound of angels
crying somewhere for a broken heeaarrtt
i thought i dreamt about you
but all along u were right here
the muddy windows of my heart
have suddenly become so clear
broken dreams and thick cigars
burn away in a wisp of smoke
i wish you held me tight babee
i can pretend life is not a joke
i thought i heard u laughing
but it was the north wind
if i wish hard on a falling star
maybe you will love me again


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In My Mind

MEMORIES flash in my mind
yet i can still only wonder why
why am i so confused about u
why does my heart stop a beat the minute im near you
le me go i scream
all the words u say are mean
sit down here is my poem it must be read
here are my whisphers i have said
a breathless feeling i have felt

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