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here is like winter-
here some blooming willows
down in the foothills

Penguins in circle
In the middle of winter
Absent from big hugs

Oh sweet sweet air
in the tops of the trees
you're lying

The broken branches
in the middle of the spring
drop some wet white tears

Among the garden
a gardenia in the pot
lightening the night

The moment is breeze
whispered secrets of the now
touch gentle the time

Shining like our windows
Our eyes almost can smell
Glasses studs and a pair of plates
Lemons and field flowers

Γεννήθηκε μίαν αλήθεια σε μία κουβέντα
Τεμαχίστηκε γοργά και είχε γεύση μέντα
Έλεγε η αλήθεια πως φίλος δεν υπάρχει
Και πως η κάθε κουβέντα αισθητικής μάχη

Ξυρίζει ο αγέρας
Κορφές πενθιμων κυπαρισσιών
Λυγάνε ευλαβικά
Ζούνε ακόμα σε αυλές νεκροταφεία

My dreams have been foredoomed then
My thinks stucked in a wry mazeroom
My wings melted under the sun
Only hopes were thrown around me

The low on paper in a cash register
The numbers near-syn, the payment
Smudged and blurry prices
Creased inside a wet palm


And when they say war rots you
The man with struggle knows

a ballet dancer
inside the burning forest
the fire dances now

tiny tadpoles
become the heart of the spring
in the green river

the all-white snow
frozen the yards this winter
and hands frozen too
inside the house a warm warmth

My glorious homeland
High in the blue sky I saw her
Through a hole of a cloud
The so small piece of earth

a music
on town's flower bed
is blooming

Blue porcelan vase
all the broken golden lines
a home for flowers

what a rain -
an autumn day
on the hills

wild roses
climbing onto doors-
scattered spring

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Haiku 6

here is like winter-
here some blooming willows
down in the foothills

Kiki Materi

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