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A civil war rages onwards
between my mind's freedom vs. my
will's institutionalized cage.
Every action premeditated to appease
6: 15 Am
Murmuring in the background lies the twang of guitar strings
Cooperatively overlapping, not interrupting, the sound of morning avians, calling.
Their foreign tongue harps to me in octaves and E notes, guileful.
Slower than the gentle sway of willow leaves,
Rope Burn.
Clutch me, wrap your arms around my body, tight, like rope burn
Foreheads mushed together, red, everyone said this'd hurt
And while we're breathing together, sharing the same rhythm
It's like I've let the pieces of me go on sudden exhibition -
Dandelion Seeds.
Like dandelion seeds, submissible to the wind
Floating where the changing tides of rupturing foliage takes me
Clacking cherry leaves deafens out both our sanities
Muffling the whispers of my conscience, tugging at my heartstrings.
Let me have some Novocaine
Stuck underneath my eyelids,
so they fail to crease again. To what pressure?
As if I actually enjoy the salty pleasure
Carnal Comfortability.
That stillness of air between the centimeter gaps which separates us
That same rhythm of exhalations, we're counting each opposing movement
Looking at your steady chest, stealing glances at my watch and
we're both rearranging the way our pants fit so tightly.
The prolonged moans of opera sirens will echo within imaginary looming chambers,
I close my lids, soaking in the aptly chosen playlist
My eyes otherwise never leaving this polished table, not straying once from concentration
But in my peripheral yours will have stayed long enough to sear two parallel lines through my green cardigan
They Matter Naught To Me.
Forge divisions at our intersection, our possibilities limitless
Whisper to me your insecurities beneath all this spotted darkness
Our hair lie in tangles alternating between wooden floors and grass dews
Tell me of that once upon a time story, that day when we abandoned all our virtues
Let me lecture you on aging, provoking you to fear, so that I can be a bit alleviated
from being downright frightened of your deaths
I'll push you to the cusp of questioning, regardless of your tenure as my guidance,
if only to keep your mind from forgetting, this stimulation
It's a soiled walk, barefoot and slower than molasses
Like the speed of a wink after shocking revelations
A country song, unmixed and unfeatured, solely played.

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