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Remember the day that we first met?
Remember the rain? We were soaking wet.
Remember the cafe? Cosy and quiet.

I lived in a place called Eden
Where predictability bloomed,
Comfort and order flourished.
Samey yet safe.

Distant dragon
On the war-path
Roars and thunders
His mighty wrath

Stark white corridors
No windows, no doors.
No colour, no life.
Not even mine.

(Legend decrees: whoever shall enter her at midnight,
On this day, shall disappear forever.)


I will put in the box:
A silky smooth feather from a pure white dove,
A great big armful of warm fuzzy love,
And a fluffy pink cloud, from the heavens above.

She knew it was a happy tree.
It's lush green leaves
danced gaily in the breeze.
Plump happy fruits hung from its branches,

The day is young
The man is old
I didn't see his life unfold.


The excited laughter
and giddy chatter of children
explodes in the air.
Shattering the calm.

Majestic turrets and domed rooftops
reach for the promise of eastern skies.
Exotic amber dreams
embedded with a sleepy sun.

Nothing to lose, only herself,
she stood in the rain
feeling the pain…

Our meal had just arrived
and so had the gaggle of slappers
who were shown to the next table.


Watching the rain
beating against the window,
I remember and shiver.
That sorrowful day

She stands there motionless,
gazing out to sea,
as if under a magic spell,
Mesmerized, enchanted, enthralled.

Cross my palm with silver,
your future I'll then reveal.
I'll tell you what you want to know,
what you want to hear.

'Twas a whole thing,
Complete in its own right,

Today I saw God
In the supermarket check-out queue.
Yesterday I saw God in the park.

When you were mine
I held you, nursed you, caressed you.
I watched you sleep.

What to do. Bored. In need of company,
familiar faces, voices, friends.
The button that is the invitation, invites them all

The dusty old grandfather clock
Stands tall and proud
Sentry of the hallway
Endlessly counting time.

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Remember the day that we first met?
Remember the rain? We were soaking wet.
Remember the cafe? Cosy and quiet.

Remember the glorious summer days?
Remember the wonderful, blissful haze?
Remember our funny little ways?

Remember giving me that red rose?
Remember writing me verse and prose?
Remember kissing the end of my nose?

Remember that day in the shopping queue?
Remember that beautiful girl, named Sue?
I watched you both and I just knew,

Remember saying 'everything is fine'?
Remember your attempts to wine and dine?
Remember claiming you'd always be mine?

Remember how the good times flew?
Remember moving on to pastures new?
Remember thinking I hadn't a clue?
Until the day that I left you.

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