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Lord we are about to lose our minds,
But we are still turning to you for the answer to find

You say you will not give us more then we can handle,

LORD, teach us to hace and show respect for each other each day,
Patience and kindness to listen to what others have to say.
We all have a need to turn to others at times,
Teach us to have enough respect to reach out, and not act blind.

This Sunday morning for all we are. and all our talents we give thanks you see,
For it all come's from God you see, all we are and can be.

We ask him each day to keep us on track,

Lord a special Thanks we send your way,
You have helped move Evil from us away.
We asked for your help just the other day,
And in your own Way you protected us as You Say.

The end of the day I always look forward to,
For my days always end with you.

We lay together and hold each other close,

THe sky is dark, and the wind does blow,
The horizon has a misty glow.

An earie feeling well's up deep within,

Dear husband of mine,
Search the world over no better mate could I find.

You're there with me every step of the way,

The devil had a hold of me,
He lured me into drugs you see.

Sent me into flight, and then into the fight of my life,

To our children, all of them,
To you all our love we send.

We are so proud of all of you,

Lord always keep fresh in our minds to keep you first in our lives and all we do,
To remember each day is the beggining of things a new.

We need to always keep in mind each day you walk with us,

I amsorry for all my wrongs,
And I am truly trying to be strong.
I feel the weakness, and despare,
And the feeling wondering even why to even care.

Lord You had Your hands full with us,
Thank you for helping us, what turned out so simple to see.

So much of our life we did waiste,

Today the rain is falling down,
Quiet, gental, and soothing to some.
Frustrating, and depressing to others.

Lord I believe and have faith in You,
I ask you to forgive me for feeling blue.

Lord I know all things are possible through you,

Honey I know things have been hard struggles for a while,
I also know I may differ with you somedays on your dealing style.

I want you to know through good or bad, happy or sad, I am so proud of the man I have,

As the doors open to start this day,
We bow our heads to you and pray.

We know we need to study and learn from you,

Thank you Lord for this Sunday,
And for all your Blessings You send our way.

Our garden is drinking in the rain you have sent,

Did you hear what I heard,
That wonderful thing called The Lord's word.

Thier is so much to be learned,

I feel so depressed today, as my
thoughts fall back on days gone
past. The struggles are so hard
somedays, as I wish for something

We need someone to look after us,
Someone in our goverment we can trust.
Someone who can stand up to the test,
And pull us out of this mess.

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About To Lose Our Minds

Lord we are about to lose our minds,
But we are still turning to you for the answer to find

You say you will not give us more then we can handle,
But we are about to go into a melt down, like a candle.

I truly don't think there is much more we can stand,
So please send down some Grace from those heavenly hands.

Lord we once had been truly blessed in your Grace,
Then into drugs we came face to face.

We lost everything but our home and that's OK,
For we turned to you and the wisdom in all you say.

We have with your help fought back,
And are fighting desperately to stay on track.

We have looked for jobs with none to be found,
And struggled for months now to get on solid ground.

We felt you have sent us about ten good buisness idea's, You have placed before us,
But do not have the things to move forward full thrust.

You have given us these idea's, but yet the doors have not opened,
So we keep working the best we can, pushing forward and hoping.

Lord we truly need to see Your Loving Grace,
For we are about to lose our lights, and our place.

Lord we turn to You to give us some kind of sign,
Because we truly do not know what to do, we are walking blind.

Lord we trust in You we truly do,
So we are asking for Your Grace, Please show us what to do.

You say You will not give us more then we can stand,
So today we pray You help us to understand.

We will follow Your lead no matter what it may be,
But please just help us to clearly see! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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