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Bri Edwards Poem Comment

Bri E. may be so smart, but his meter's opaque
with a density quotient, the Gods might forsake.
Tongue in cheek, web's undone, but with spasms of fun,
and he rhymes, so he wins! Hope no evil Bri twins'

In Praise Of The Poet, The Poem Unknown

Let me honor you here though you're shy
to show face on a page, even try

to draw thoughts from the cloud of your mind,

John Watt Poem Comment

If John (or Jane) , a spouse (or bike)can bring butt pain
and some fools in pursuit of mere bliss think both tools.
Most fighters win rounds (one or two) . But do they fight to win (for you) ?
Some might say I'm a blighter. Still, new bikes are lighter!

Dean Wood Poem Comment

Life's Fading Rodeo?

While I'm glad of your retirement from less fruitful goals you've chased,
still, the big sky's grown some smaller by concerns (and verse displaced?) .

Channeled Perspectives

I'm channeled rhymes, perspectives of young poet late in life!
Evolving too, I hope to please, share reveries a wife
(Scheherazade)shows to her spouse (loved patrons, here confessed) ,
who fears both too, for wives do fail, find heads divorce their chest.

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Krakatoa Kritic 007 Biography

I was raised in a Buddhist family but sent to a Catholic Girls School. Go figure! As the war in Vietnam ended, I escaped by boat first to Malaysia and finally landed in the US! Thank God! I love people and contributing to others. I love the fact that my whole family parents and 9 kids got out of Vietnam alive after being stripped of our possessions ...