Kristen Palmitier

Rookie (08-23-1990 / Grand Rapids MI)

Kristen Palmitier Poems

1. How To Fill A Heart 3/23/2010
2. I Am Love... 3/24/2010
3. The Need To Be... 4/13/2010
4. To Be Different 4/13/2010
5. Life Style 4/13/2010
6. I Am A Purse 4/13/2010
7. Life On Depression 5/10/2010
8. Life And Maybe Death 5/10/2010
9. My Form Of The Bible 5/10/2010
10. Life At Its Best 5/10/2010
11. The Cold 9/14/2010
12. I Am Life 4/13/2010
13. I Am A Tv 4/13/2010
14. I Am Paper 4/13/2010
15. I Am A Rose 5/10/2010
16. I Am A Rug 4/13/2010
17. Life And Traveling 3/23/2010
Best Poem of Kristen Palmitier

Life And Traveling

Traveling can be fun right? But what does it mean to travel?
Does it mean that your mind is gone or is it your body?

When you think about traveling, you think oh I can go some where and have fun. Do people travel to get away from others or do they travel to get away from themselves?

Do people really mean that they want thier body or thier mind to travel?
I guess it just depends on the place and time and whom you are with...


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How To Fill A Heart

When you are single, which means you are not dating or seeing any one, your heart is already half full. So how does it become full?
Is it another person that makes your heart feel full?
But just because you feel it does it really mean it is there?
I feel the only way to have a full heart is by loving your self way before any one person or any one item. You have to be one with your self way before your self can love some one else. Being single or not, you can still fill your heart any time

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