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I love you simple because you’re you….
My days with you are never blue….
You’re kind, gentle, loving, giving….
You’re warm hearted, hardworking, and caring…


My heart is scarred, broken, bound emotionally from his games.
Feelings could never be the same as in the beginning; it’s much too late for them to ever return. It’s just too late for things to change.

I don’t want them to rekindle; they were artificial afterall due to his true intentions and actions and behavior towards my love.

Free from lies
Free from secrets
Free from avoidance
Free from solitude

Thank you for hurting me……..

Thank you for not caring………..

What to do when you know your mom is preparing to die?
I just sit back, shake my head, and heavily sigh;
Sadness overwhelms me to even think about…
To think one day, an earthly mother, I’ll be without;

Laughter accompanied by eyes beaming your way
Whispers chatter behind folded hands
Gaze in their eyes and glimpse at a pool of secrets
Arcanum your heart desires to know


Who’s to know the truth that spirals from his lips?

One thing was declared to me and another was imparted to everyone else.

Crimson red,
Key lime green,
Crystal blue;
Twilight purple.

Maybe it’s a lesson to myself to not follow my heart and emotions at the same time but to listen to my conscience and to my best friends…
Bad timing, eh? Maybe I’ll overcome what I need to in order to be the person I am capable of being….just for him..if God wills it to be true…bad timing will fade away, depart from both of our lives and bring us that much closer to rapture….
For the moment I can’t do or say anything to bring him back
I don’t deserve to have his consideration until we both have cleared our lives of past regrets…

Object of wonder and mystery…
I peer towards you without you knowing…..
I concoct my plan of attack….

As I search my soul, in its lonely and hopeless state; contents by which I wish to purge from my life.

Hello Sunshine, I Know The World Awaits Me.
Its Rays Beam On Me, I Feel Alive Now.
Its Tall Grass Envelops The Bottom Of My Feet, The Coolness Incites My Senses.
Its Air Breezes By My Face, I Inhale And It Quiets My Soul.

Trapped inside my own confusion
Letting into the devil’s persuasion
Heading in the path I will regret
Always listening to myself with fret

love is kind, caring, companionship, honesty, fidelity, understanding, thoughtfulness, family oriented, goal oriented, hardworking, communicating…..

love isn’t ignorance, cheating, lying, selfishness, thoughtlessness, rudeness, devious, deceitful, secretive, untold, never showing….

He’s a perfect man…..
A sincere man….
A hardworking man….
A family oriented man….

As I walk in, a dark cloud hovers over me.
The sadness displayed on my face assures me it is time.
Time is nearing to leave this unwelcoming abode; there is no place for me here.
Happy will I be to never have to come here again.

His love is amazing, feelings overwhelm me at times.
Sadness envelops me when we are apart.
Happiness warms my insides to the point of exhaustion.
Anxious to once again feel his touch.

My Dearest Grandma.....

I miss you more than you’ll ever know,

Oh the joy it brings to my heart
Of the happiness that all can see
From having a good man in my life
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

My precious angels’ arrival is near
I glad time is almost here
I’ve been healthy along the way and so have they
It has been a joyful time despite the excessive morning sickness and heartburn which is quite a pain

Kristy Artmann Biography

I write what I feel at the particular moment of jotting things down. I don't know the professional styles to forming feelings just pour onto paper. I enjoy reading and writing poetry.)

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I Love You Because…..

I love you simple because you’re you….
My days with you are never blue….
You’re kind, gentle, loving, giving….
You’re warm hearted, hardworking, and caring…
You make me feel good as a person…
My face has a permanent smile on it when you’re around…..

You’ve shown me what love truly is….
You make me feel special, loved, and important….
You make me laugh on the inside as well as the outside…
You want the same things out of life….
You like closeness as much as I do….

You’re everything I want in a man….
You’re one of few, you’re a real man….
You’re a wonderful father, friend, and companion…
Simply put you're the man..the one I love with all my heart....

~Kristy C. Artmann~ © 2008

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