Krystal McLennan Poems

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Butterflies Dance

Do you feel the warmth of the sun?
Do you see the butterflies gliding through the sky?
Do you see the little Blue Wrens all having fun?
Did you see the butterflies in the sky so high?

Daddy, Please

Daddy, please wake up,
Please, don't go away,
Don't leave me here unguided,
Please, daddy, stay with me.

Dancing On Broken Glass

Crash, crash, bang and crash,
The glass shatters under my feet.
I try to dodge the sharp edges,
But I seem to step on them all.

Tea Party (Dollhouse)

Hello. How are you?
Do you want to have a tea party?
With my friends and I?
Would you like a cupcake?

I Am

I am a daughter,
With a hundred and one questions,
All for my mother,
Which are simply "WHY? "