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I see a life of a girl
Shes been hurt
Shes felt devastated
Shes had a lot of wreckage.

Moving here,
Moving there,
Moving around and everywhere,
Losing people that care along the way with their hello and goodbye stares.

I want to be set free.
I want to break the chains that are holding me.
I want to live my life to the fullest.
without rules,

hes in jail, again
I visit him.
I stay on the safe subjects.
saying nothing about the baby

I've had many struggles.
I've had many ups and downs.
Families giving up on me.
Never living up to peoples expectations.

Homes not a home without you.
Homes not home without the ones you love.
Homes not a home when one is missing.
That missing one is the heart of the home.

I use to be outgoing, not shy in anyway.I don't understand why my personality left me, and why it seemed to fade away three years ago from today.

All I know is I want to be that girl again; the one so full of life.The one who always felt okay.

Her name was Shannon Ireland.
She abandoned me four days ago from today.
She taught me many things I had never learned before.
I was happy and felt special in everyway.

i love you
i love you agape
agape greek meaning

In my effort to fix everything thats broken,
to make everything perfect,
I forget everything thats important.
I forget lifes value.


no more do the grey clouds
hover, haunting,
no more do i carry a frown
no more does darkness

Time to let go.
Doesn't mean I love you less
Just means I love you more.
You had my heart and it core.

The struggle only seem to get harder.
The pain seems to hurt more and more everyday.
Sometimes I feel like I want to take a strong drug just to fade and go to sleep forever and today.
Never to have to be hurt again.

little smiles,
big smiles,
smiles in between,
smiles aren't as simple as they seem.

Everyday is a new day,
with a new sunrise,
a sunrise that sparks hope and oppurtunities.
giving plenty of time to florish and grow.

Persuasion, you have a way of sneaking up on me.
Butting into my business and my life.
Persuasion, you are so rude and crude.
You give me strife.

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even when the sun goes down you still got the moon and the stars... to light the way.. its never to late...have a imagination..dream again.. dream big! ! ! oppurtinities are around the corner...pursue them.. dont miss them. from a very young age: i couldnt always express myself out loud...i was always told to be quiet growing up... now im 21 years old and on my own and i express myself and use my voice and words to do it. all those words i didnt get to say when i was little... and that i learn on a continual bases and revelations that i get.... bubble to the surfice i write them down. here in these peoms u will find truth and depth... u will find sorrow and joy you will find real life of a girl this girl is me)

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A Girl With A Goal! ! !

I see a life of a girl
Shes been hurt
Shes felt devastated
Shes had a lot of wreckage.
but yet she live her life and does what she does best.
She trys to succeed at every test.

I see a life of a girl
she smiles
she laughs
She has fun with her family and friends.
Shes always loyal
shes always there until the very end.
She lives life to the fullest
she trys very hard.
Shes capable of anything.
Shes very smart.

I see a life of a girl
She makes mistakes
She lies
She does drugs
She cuts.
Shes in trouble
she can't deal with her struggles.
She tries to succeed but she fails
fails at everything.
Thats the girl at age seventeen.

I see a life of a women
She is and always will be a success.
She lived her life through all the terrible mess.
She has a job,
Shes married, and is raising three kids.
Shes finally of age, and has a since of security.

I see a life of a women
shes a women of love success and happiness.
shes a women that had a goal and went with it.
shes a women who didn't believe she would make it but she did.
Shes a women of her word, an no longer that little girl people use to know.
Shes now greater, better in life and is known as a pro.

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Chuy Amante 14 February 2017

What a great ability to love and give and write about life! Keep going and giving and living! ! ! ! Krystal style

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~ Jon London ~ 05 October 2009

Krystal's poetry...shoots straight from the heart...her words echo the truth of this young ladies life...the struggle, the pain...the love...the smiles, the laughter...the heartache....the memories...all can be found in highly and deeply expressed verse where the emotion pours from within...She shares the strains that life has...and what this strong and wonderfully talented poetess has gone through in her walk through life....she brings hope to so many just by reading her heart written words.....This young lady has soul...the makings of a fine poet...Read and be inspired...there's more from this lady to come.... All the very best to you my friend God bless Jon

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