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My name is Krystle Newberry. I am a student at the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts. I plan to be a Marine Biologist. One of the most important people in my life is Matt. He's everything to me. I'm special to get to know him. I am only sixteen but I would like to say that I have lived my life in a good way pleasing to God. So ...

Krystle Newberry Poems

Am I

AM I just a tattered soul
lost in this lonely lonely dream
AM I just a wandering heart
with noone to bring me in

Love & Sucide

Today I thought of sucide
I thought to end my life
This world is cruel
I hate this world


We walk and talk,
and say just friends,
but secretly you think of me.
I must confess,

First Kiss

It was a late november night
I remember it well
We went to the movies
In Russelville


The room is cold-
I see the sun shine bright outside
I cannot escape the room's tight hold.
The untold rules I must abide

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