Kseniya Rundel Poems

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A Life Without Love

Life is so short,
Life is so long,
My heart is so hot,
You say: ”So long! ”

Aprils - Acrostic

April is a prankster and a swindler,
a Pure mounting of march, a pass to may,
puRple worlds' a merry organ-grinder, a
magIcian, a passionate scapegrace,

S. Esenin 'On The Lake Has Woven A Red Light Of Dawn...'

On the lake has woven | a red light of dawn.
Loudly in the forest | cocks of the wood mourn.

An oriole is weeping, sheltered in the hollow.

To The Poet Who Lost His Beloved Girl...

Cheer up! She will come
When she reads lyric poems
Of yours.
Keep with care the key

I Loved You... By A.S. Pushkin

I have been loving you: the love, perhaps,
In my heart has not extinguished yet; But let
It never bother, never ever bother you;
I do not want to sadden you with that.

To A Girl That Asked To Bring Her Dawn

What is the worth of having dawn delight
without knowing a night of bliss and lights
of thousand stars; a sunset also is bright
when builds a link between a day ‘nd a night;

Russian Desiderata

What's the use you separate the sheep
From the goats,
Dirty lumps are angels in a dust…
Don't vote.

Russian Piroshki

little funny poems - 'piroshki-stishki'
i'm afraid to parachute
said paul to the instructor

I'Ve Asked Today A Pedlar (S. Esenin)

A translation of a famous poem of the famous Russian poet Sergey Esenin (my translation's devoted to Sat)

I have asked today a pedlar old Abd-Allah,
Giving half a toman for a ruble:

Why Do We Need Pals On The Net?

Why do we need pals on the net?
To dropp in on the way
Just for a moment have a chat
Then spend all night or day.

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