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Life is so short,
Life is so long,
My heart is so hot,
You say: ”So long! ”

April is a prankster and a swindler,
a Pure mounting of march, a pass to may,
puRple worlds' a merry organ-grinder, a
magIcian, a passionate scapegrace,

On the lake has woven | a red light of dawn.
Loudly in the forest | cocks of the wood mourn.

An oriole is weeping, sheltered in the hollow.

Cheer up! She will come
When she reads lyric poems
Of yours.
Keep with care the key

I have been loving you: the love, perhaps,
In my heart has not extinguished yet; But let
It never bother, never ever bother you;
I do not want to sadden you with that.

What is the worth of having dawn delight
without knowing a night of bliss and lights
of thousand stars; a sunset also is bright
when builds a link between a day ‘nd a night;

What's the use you separate the sheep
From the goats,
Dirty lumps are angels in a dust…
Don't vote.

little funny poems - 'piroshki-stishki'
i'm afraid to parachute
said paul to the instructor

A translation of a famous poem of the famous Russian poet Sergey Esenin (my translation's devoted to Sat)

I have asked today a pedlar old Abd-Allah,
Giving half a toman for a ruble:

Why do we need pals on the net?
To dropp in on the way
Just for a moment have a chat
Then spend all night or day.

A steam loko 's flying through vallies and highlands,
God knows where it is flying and which way.
A little boy has called himself a crook and a pilferer,
And his life now is a nonstop game

Look through the window and see
The month of May, Month of May
Take your white mug to have black tea
Hot Earl Grey, Hot Earl Grey.

I'm the Beast
looking at the East goal empower.
Well, what else?
I have a flower.

He seems to be just a regular guy
Only his eyes betray him.
I have from him in my veins sweet rough wine,
And even a poison, maybe.

And you don't expect a call, and you don't want to call to.
As if somewhere inside the thin spring has been broken..
Loneliness, loneliness
Has been keeping watch over.

O, no, I do feel no sorry
for the past shadow on a wall,
we’ve touched once and then we have severed
and I have no debts at all,

The years have passed very quickly brothers.
We - you and me have gray hair and others.
But we go together the same way
And of nothing we are afraid!

Semi sweet poems
Written and read to the end
Without problems.

Birds and beasts fallen into prostration.
Air's trembled... What's there bum-bum?
What’s this booming and rumbling vibration?
For the battle calls an African’s drum! ...



an old minaret sparkling in solarized snow is empty.
fan palm trees wave and dropp their yellow leaves.

The Best Poem Of Kseniya Rundel

A Life Without Love

Life is so short,
Life is so long,
My heart is so hot,
You say: ”So long! ”

I was looking for the gold.
I’ve encountered a star.
But your eyes are so cold
And your lips are so far.

I can see you in my dreams.
I can kiss you when I sleep.

O, your lips, your lovely lips...

I desire to listen
To your wonderful voice!
I wish I would never fall in love
With the other choice.

Oh, my love is so hot!
But you say: ”So long! ”

Do you really think
Life is awfully short?
No, dear,
Life is awfully long

Without you.

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Lekshmi Menon 10 June 2011

a good piece of art..

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