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Don't think of the expected

Think more of the unexpected

Through the water, what shall you see
A reflection of our world, beautiful to me

Through the water, where shall you go

Don't leave me behind
Ruining my life
Bringing out all my strife

Weirdness is a talent everyone has

Especially him who 'needs' everything Taz


It's a cool windy fall evening
I feel the breeze fly through my hair
The peace is outcomingly wonderful
All the unique animals getting their share

The invisible rain on this bright sunny day
Is gently coming but not to stay
For all I see is shimmering glitter
With a warm, kind welcome, no room for any bitter

Laying in my bed on a stormy summer night

My eyelids are slowly relaxing to rest

Sitting on this little piece of wood I sit and hum

Clutching the ropes for adventures to come

I'm getting a little suspicious about my family. Or what I've known to be my family. I think they might be keeping a very important secret from me. Something that I should and need to know. I believe this because of a dream I had as a young child.

I was running away as fast as I could. I kept yelling for my mom and suddenly was surrounded by many passages and could only choose one. I paused with hesitation trying to decide where to go. I desperatly yelled for my mother hoping she would come to my rescue. Suddenly I hear her voice echo my name in every path but there is one that sounds as desperate or even more desperate than me. I run as fast as I can scared for why my mother would sound like that. I find myself stopped in front of a wall. I put my hands on it feeling miserable, because I can't get to her when she sounds likes she's on the other side. I start pushing with all my might hoping I could help her, and then her voice changed to almost weeping, 'Come back! Come back! Come back! ' Louder and Louder. Sounding more desperate and broken each time. Then everything around me started to shake and I fell to the ground.

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Don't think of the expected

Think more of the unexpected

Don't rely on the unexpected

Think more of reality

Don't cling to reality

Use your imagination

Don't run wild in your mind

Seek some peacefulness

Don't believe peace will fix everything

Always have faith in God

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Ralph The Elf 24 June 2012

i love i still love you

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