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Just a second, no a minute, maybe more
With Him I wish to spend eternity
His touch is golden, so uplifting, hands so strong
Im sure he is my destiny

Still no answer
No sign of music
Full with anger
I watch time tick

Hurrying off in a hurry
The damsel left the cottage
Nelly had gobbled up nearly
The bread and sizzling porridge

Into the womb i was birth
Put me back
Love from no one I get, like a slave black
They eat me up like a quick snack

I love you, i know i do
Take my hand let's run away
Under the pale lit moon
All through the sun lit day

Eyes wild enough to tame the wild
your lips ripe as the berries in June
i touch your skin to realize how mild
one needs a cradle to handle you


i have to go back
they render too many lashes to my back
the chains and shackles bind me
on this foreign land i cannot be me

awwww what a wonderful day
i roll over and there she is
starring at the skyline with her bright smile

she fed me with the sweetest of poisons
she bathe me in the warmest cyanide
she clothed me with wool that felt like pins
yet it was love to me

shhh...there's nothing realer
how do you play my life so perfectly
sweet sound like a river
oh your awesome melody

it could blind the healthy eye
in-sanitize the most sane
hypnotically change a mind
that might never be the same


sleep my fellow sleep
your eyes are bulging
your body is craving for
sleep my fellow sleep

who is to blame
i only wanted to get to noe her
so why all this shame
love got me nowhwere
just like a game

im happy yet im sad
he came and took her away
i lie beside her almost mad
i cannot forget this day

i am so little i can't find me
i am so huge i find no spot
i am their air yet they ignored me
search your heart and tell me who i am

you are worth more
yet i have no money
i am that poor
but i swear to make you happy

tears filled her eyes as she spake
overcome with the gruesome memories
goosebumps did her words awake
the stories made our guts go wobbly

open your mouth wide
say it as it is
they might take out your teeth but smile
and blow to them a kiss

Ralph O'Grantson Biography

im from a family of black poets all of ma brothers are what i am as i am what they are bound in one soul divide into 5 different bodies. im from a broken home that did not take a toll on me. i am what i am today cus it was planned)

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Just a second, no a minute, maybe more
With Him I wish to spend eternity
His touch is golden, so uplifting, hands so strong
Im sure he is my destiny
Oh love unending, funny and caring, heart so pure
He worships my femininity
But Alas what now? who's this lad, all so raw
He so tickles my fancy
Looks so bad but pulls me nigh, strong as Thor
He now rules my fantasy
I'm sure its him no its him, who wins this war
Who will sing my melody?
He came first, he is my best o' Te Amor
He is always jolly
He came next, caught in his nest, i opened my door
This is real harmony
I have tried him, but not him, shall i break that wall?
He might call me baby
I will do just that, i shall not fall
I will be his lady

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Tasha Young 04 July 2012

i loved Runaway Love it's sweet and sounds like what true love is suppose to be

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