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Every time you drink
Grabbing your beer and turning pink
I get to sleep on the floor
Usually right beside the door


am bored
nothing to do
its like living in a zoo
dont have a clue

You left me here alone,
Remember my heart was cold like stone,
There was so much chemistry between us,
I need to save you, i must!

I just love standing here in the rain,
In the middle of this quiet plain,
Thinking of nothing,
That's What I'm loving,


music is my entire life,
if it didnt exist, i would invent it,
if nobody played, i will,
if music died, i'd bring it back,

you always ask me the same thing
are you scared of me?
are you goin to run? flee?
my answer is no

How can I get rid of these bad habits o mine?
Is it the way this world is designed?
I don’t like the fact that its there
Through my so called 'gentle' heart it tears

Im standing in the rain
trying to forget this pain
missing your touch and smile
these tears i've cryed

The rain is dripping slowly as it falls on me,
The tears that slide off my face,
The rain and the tears put together,
They hit the ground together,

I feel so alone,
This poem has a certain tone,
With these tears I could cry,
You filled my head wit all these lies,

All i see are raindropz, raindropz
as im standing on the rooftop
of my house
all the hilltops, hilltops

i seen you that day
and all i wanted was to stay
with you
but im leavin town

this first snow that falls
but i have to recall
when snow melts
what does it become?

The demon of blood wants to fight me
It is a challenge I will not flee!
Use of brute force and the stubborn mind of mine
I will not give up

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hmm... i havn't written poems for awhile.. i'll attempt 2 make more lol now that i'm older, i'm 19 now with a job. XD first 2 work and last 2 leave. i love musical movies. i play 10 instruments. i've made a few song lyrics.)

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I Hate Seeing You Guys Like That

Every time you drink
Grabbing your beer and turning pink
I get to sleep on the floor
Usually right beside the door
The smell makes me sick
Wish I could grab a gun, click,
Rid of the dark person inside
Or just take the car and ride
The music blasting it’s so loud
I don’t drink so I’m proud
You conversations making no sense
After awhile you get mad
I’m making a high fence
Trying to defend myself
I hate seeing you guys like that!
It’s just after 5 in the morning you brat
You don’t care about my feelings
I’m falling apart into peelings
I cry here and there
But you do nothing but stand there and stare
You say when your drunk “its fun”
Look at the people around you look what you’ve done
I can’t think strait anymore
Knowing you in that kind of state
Wish you’d stop
Go back in time, turn the clock
So you never started
When you drink too much you say you’re apart
You guys drink a lot just my luck
Having to see you guys separate so much
Makes me feel so weak
As I said b4 I hate seeing you guys like that

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Lacey Peter Popularity

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