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Maybe it's true
There's a ghost surrounding me
Or two.


The stupidity of fear
A human trait to show
What we all hold dear
That may so easily go

It keeps coming back to me
The thought what if…
What if you were the only one
The only love so true and pure

We're so much the same
It seems to me insane

The connection that is beyond knowledge

Heads exploding
A huge mess everywhere inside
Nothing to clean up
Nothing left

Sparkling eyes and an open mind
The opportunity I finally find
To do what I’d been fantasising about
For far too long

Struggling to commit to my existence
Trying to hold on to what I achieved
Telling myself I had more capacity than I believed
The truth is I had never felt that deliverance

A powerful voice
Screaming in my head
It wants me to change -
Change something -

Dancing together all night long
Cherishing music and song
You brushed my cheek with your sweet lips
I loved the feeling of your fingertips

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A Ghost Or Two...

Maybe it's true
There's a ghost surrounding me
Or two.

A mind going round and round
Thoughts that never stop
A lover won't be found
Death has harvested the crop.
My mind invents a story
Of his glorious recovery
Indulging like Orpheus and Eurydice's tale
With an end more joyous to tell.

My dreams are different -
Nightmare of a ghost
A stranger who's ignorant
The rotten body, used as host.

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Lady Darjeeling 22 March 2014

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