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Greedy Bastards

What do people wish for -
They might have everything they need
And still they have greed
For more, More…

Huge Mess Inside Out

Heads exploding
A huge mess everywhere inside
Nothing to clean up
Nothing left

Opportunity To Love

Sparkling eyes and an open mind
The opportunity I finally find
To do what I’d been fantasising about
For far too long


Struggling to commit to my existence
Trying to hold on to what I achieved
Telling myself I had more capacity than I believed
The truth is I had never felt that deliverance

Horrid Surprises

A powerful voice
Screaming in my head
It wants me to change -
Change something -

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Lady Darjeeling 22 March 2014

Dear poemhunter-members: Everyone is welcome to read and comment on my poems! best regards

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