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O'er lit'racy's broad vista
Verbose lexicon runs deep
Vocab'lary's highest peak
Ascend'll to words steep

Veracious merriment,
Inherent in our camaraderie, o
Uniting us in a bond that's sacred,
Enriching our existence,

A potent potion of potential,
A future of potentiality,
The potency of preponderance
To penury of poverty.

'T'is a dolorous plight to cower in fear,
A phobic state that doth bring naught but tears;
For 'tis a malevolent malady,
A cruel malaise that doth run too deep.

Yet there is hope to break this dread,
For courage lies in what lies ahead;
A force of will, a spirit strong,

O'er the gloaming morn, hues of sapphire and rust,
The shadows of thought, clouding my trust.
My vision blurs, terrene bliss forlorn,
My sight obscured, in a blindness of mind forlorn.

The clouds don't look real, I thought with a sigh,
As I gazed up at the painted sky.
The colors were vibrant, the shapes were so strange,
It felt like a dream, an otherworldly range.

Tis a malady most dire,
That strikes with no respite,
An insidious affliction,
That quells with darkest blight.

The moon did rise,
and stars did show,
A dream, I thought, was meant to go,
The air was still,

Aye, tribulations oft' refine,
Naught perfection sans its trials t' define,
E'en as life's perils oft' conspire,
Each step 'pon our path we aspire,

Yon wight doth wander anon,
Thither and hither in search of a place,
Wherefore to rest his weary bones;
To find a home with a gentle embrace.

Can a fish breathe air?
Or a bird swim with ease?
These questions may seem unfair,
For they each have unique expertise.

Lady _off_track Biography

The heart beats fast, a gentle rhythm, my soul afire, my thoughts a-dreaming. I am a poet, my words held high, my heart a-breaking, my mind a-scheming.)

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The Lexical Exploration

O'er lit'racy's broad vista
Verbose lexicon runs deep
Vocab'lary's highest peak
Ascend'll to words steep

Encyclopedic knowledge spawn
A plethora of facts to glean
Fathoming the undefin'd dawn
Wherein complex thought convene

Inundated by the streams
Of wordy information
Insightful minds thence gleams
Revelations peroration

Unravelin' the mysteries
Of words' meanings profound
Unlockin' mental faculties
Expressin' thought astound

Unearthing the brain's latent power
Venture to the far-off shore
Thesaurus of words to devour
Ascend to the pinnacle of lore.

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