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As a month old baby, I saw you! O Moon!
As white huge ball, I whined & purred for You all while
Incapable to reach; incapable to think,
All I did was to sleep & sleep

Life is never the same
Hard toil to reach the pinnacle of achievement
Enjoy the momentary success
Then roll down

Change is permanence
That is continuous in this World
Friend to enemy
Love to hate

Outlining those adorable eyes
Her eyebrows like two streams
Pouring into the seas, meet at her nose bridge
Suspended in the ocean of love, those eyeballs

My eyes met his
Mine portrayed fear
While his were clear

When I cry; I feel her arm consoling me
When I laugh; I feel her shoulder besides me
When I fall; I feel her pulling me up
When I rise; I feel her pushing me up

When we adore a person unconditionally
We’ll be hurt ~ Anyway adore them

When we trust a person completely

Gazing at the lawn outside;
Mind captivated with romantic thoughts;
The tree, enchanted eyes of whom ever it met;

Saranya Jaahnnavi Shamini & Lakshmi
The group that’s born to rock

Basketball bonded us together

My soul searched for my body
During birth, they mingled as one
During life, they were inseparable
During death, they singled out as two

Persons who preach – They, teachers
Persons who are preached – Us, students;
Then why,
Are they putting us down?

Furious sun at its peek
Hot winds drying its seek

Vegetation agonies to perish

In his eyes, I see tears disappear;
In his eyes, beauty is personified;
In his eyes, I cherish myself;
In his eyes, I discover my life;

That place, as lovely as ever
Awaiting for you and me!
Together we were
Only for those piercing eyes

Eyes full of passion & knowledge
Enhanced with scholar specs
Her voice like cuckoo’s, commands over twisted problems
She’s my tutor; She’s my well wisher

Care for the person who cares for you,
Else don’t;
Care for the person who loves you for what you are,
Else don’t;

Melodrama at large
Silence was the call
To those who heard
Never saw the fall

You speak as if I matter,
Yet your actions make it clear,
Just when I was about to believe
That Santa was real just

I stare
And laughing hysterically I ask
Should I be a part
Should I stand away n watch?

If pictures could create
And stories be real
If movies be lives
And trees could bear money

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Moon N' Me

As a month old baby, I saw you! O Moon!
As white huge ball, I whined & purred for You all while
Incapable to reach; incapable to think,
All I did was to sleep & sleep

As a five year-old girl, I saw you! O Moon!
Singing vernacular invitations to come & dine with me
Unable to come to me, you saw me eat!

As a ten yr-old girl, I saw you! O moon!
Cuddled in my grandma's lap tracing
A funny rabbit stuck there
Unable to rescue, you held a zoo!

As a 15 yr-old girl, I saw you! O moon!
To be nothing but a crushed paper which I threw
Provoked & insulted by teachers & marks
Unable to share my tear! You were there my dear!

As a 20 yr-old woman, I saw you! O moon!
As a real moon, a topic of study
I meditated upon you,
Unable to speak to you, you just made me read

As a 25 yr-old maiden, I saw you! O moon!
Hand-in-hand with my guy,
You were an embodiment of beauty,
Unable to swoop down to carry me with you
You speculated jealously at him & me

As a 30 yr-old mother, I saw you! O moon!
With my year-old little son in my hands,
Enviously thinking that my little one stole you from me
Staggered by his beauty; you couldn't pacify me!

As a 35 yr-old mom, I saw you! O moon!
Being wildly chased by my son,
Street after street, we ran to catch him
Unable to be caught, we laughed over it a lot!

As a 40 yr-old professional, I saw you! O moon!
As being my next place to dwell in
Minute by minute I prepared for this,
I will be there O! My dear!

As a 45 yr-old astronaut, I saw you! O moon!
As my ultimatum, I move towards you
Second-by-second your radiance captivates me
Heavenly body flowing just next to me!

As a 50 yr-old ex-astronaut, I saw you! O moon!
As newspapers flashed us, it was our fifth anniversary
Since our meeting, a beamed as I was silhouetted
Against you! Only too happy to embrace me we made a good photo!

As a 55 yr-old grandmother, I saw you! O moon!
Singing lullabies into the ears of my grand-daughter
She was just my alike
Unable to laugh you rekindled my thoughts!

As a 65 yr-old wife, I saw you! O moon!
With at most peace, nothing out of life to achieve
My guy & I sat on the shore, love still intact
Much to your envy he rested his head on mine

As a 70 yr-old dying lady, I saw you! O moon!
As I breathed my last, I eloped with you
There we were as one, eternally forever!

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Clarrissa Fausett 19 July 2009

Thank you so much same to you too.... I have alot more and trying to get them all done and I am going to write more too..

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Ngawa Tenpa 23 March 2009

Responsible...and nice flow of expressive words.. I like it

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