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1. Omega's Plea (Paper Heart) 1/10/2008
2. Take It With A Smile 1/11/2008
3. Whispered Words Are Deafening 1/11/2008
4. Can'T Breathe Anymore (Scream) 7/10/2008
5. Judge Me 8/22/2008
6. My World (The Music) 9/21/2008
7. Dear Moon Why Are We So Gray? 1/22/2009
8. You Have Stolen My Words. Stolen My Heart. And Destroyed Them Both 3/7/2009
9. My Cancer Of The Mind 4/29/2009
10. They Say They'Re Hear To Listen 9/23/2009
11. Sea 10/18/2010
12. Immortality Means Never Dieing? 10/18/2010
13. For Denise, I Miss You 10/18/2010
14. She Who Paints Rocks 10/18/2010
15. Makes For An Interesting Cake 10/18/2010
16. You Can'T Be Lonely If You Like Who You Are Alone With 10/18/2010
17. My Grandma 10/18/2010
18. Perception 10/18/2010
19. It 10/18/2010
20. Little White Pills Take Little White Pills 10/18/2010
21. Chemistry 10/18/2010
22. Selective Sight (A Plight To America) 10/18/2010
23. Choosing The Right Word 10/18/2010
24. Fire (Im Sorry) 10/18/2010
25. Fragments 10/18/2010
26. To My Dearest Mother 10/18/2010
27. I Want You 10/18/2010
28. In Line Or In Circle 10/18/2010
29. Fragile 10/18/2010
30. I Can Not Write Today 10/18/2010
31. Beautiful Love..Beautiful Denial 7/4/2008
32. River Turned Puddle 10/18/2010
33. Heartsong 10/18/2010
34. Hourglass 12/20/2010
35. How To Smile 2/7/2011
36. The Pencil 1/31/2012
37. What Happened To Innocence 10/18/2010
38. 'From A Fallen Tree All Make Kindling' (Dutch Proverb) 10/18/2010
39. About The Jersey Devil 2/7/2011
40. I Dont Exsit 11/19/2008

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Beauty Is The Beast

beauty is the beast
upon our souls and hearts it feasts
it makes us blind to itself
behind innocent smiles it hides in stealth
yet in every place where beauty lies
the angels breath out their gentle sighs
its iron strength conquers our hearts by storm
transforming our very souls into their darkest form
to beauty does our money go, to beauty does our hearts
oh beauty it does cast its spell and triumphs over smarts
for beauty's thirst is unquenchable with habits most costly to sustain
it is beauty that calls to us and causes all our pain
and those who do ...

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What Is It About Love?

what is it about love...
that we adore
what is it about love...
that we crave for
what is it about love...
that can make a heart sing-
for a heart is just an organ a blood pumping thing
like a stomach or brain
it can cause so much pain

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