LaSoaphia QuXazs

Freshman - 745 Points (1934 / Budapest, Hungary, living in the USA)

LaSoaphia QuXazs Poems

1. Starts With The Year 2000 5/15/2011
2. Now 5/15/2011
3. Many Kind Of Springs 5/26/2011
4. Mothers And Teachers Of This World. 5/27/2011
5. God Is My Life 5/28/2011
6. Why Good Or Why Is It Bad? 5/29/2011
7. Living Crystals. 5/29/2011
8. The Spiral Of Life 5/29/2011
9. Who Is The Center? 5/29/2011
10. Travel Thru Time 5/29/2011
11. Friendship. 5/30/2011
12. I Let Go, Let God. 6/5/2011
13. Choose Good Above All, But Take What Comes. 6/5/2011
14. Everything Works For Good. 6/5/2011
15. Seniors 5/17/2011
16. Joy For Ever More. 6/6/2011
17. Colors, The Poem 7/23/2011
18. The Yellow Brick Road Of Life 7/25/2011
19. Tai Chi. 7/27/2011
20. Everybody Is A Critic. 7/30/2011
21. Why Is Sickness? 7/31/2011
22. Regrets Of The Past. 8/9/2011
23. Happy Birthday 2011 8/9/2011
24. Scammers And Business People Attention 8/10/2011
25. Stronger, Better, Healthier 8/11/2011
26. Why The Race Hatred? 8/11/2011
27. How We Think, We Are. 8/13/2011
28. Young People Of This World 8/14/2011
29. Life, Love, Friendship, Work. - My Book Title. 9/8/2011
30. Today 9/8/2011
31. Birthday Wish The Original 9/8/2011
32. Patience. 9/15/2011
33. Life Dream Is Like Driving In The Snow. 9/15/2011
34. Why? Why? Why? 9/15/2011
35. Anger 2 9/18/2011
36. Good Or Bad, The Prayer 7/25/2011
37. Time Is Irreverent. 11/5/2011
38. Poets Of The World. 11/6/2011
39. Whatever You Give Out - Returns Many Fold. 11/6/2011
40. What We Sow, We Shall Reap. 11/10/2011
Best Poem of LaSoaphia QuXazs

To Work Or Not To Work.

Every day can be lovely if you open your mind
Face life as it is, do your best and unwind.
Some of us lives for work and be important,
Some of us spend time doing nothing for them work is unpleasant.

It is not the work, but what we learn through where we are now,
How we communicate with others & what we learn of life anyhow.
So, work hard or do nothing, your place is there to learn the secret,
Preferably with peace, happiness, easy living wish & positive deep-set.

Then you will find life's easy street,
You work only if you want and will find life ...

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We Are What We Are

As Shakespeare said that all men and women
Are acting out a play,
If we know it or not, this is our way.
We are all on a stage and play the game,
Do what is programmed into our brain.
Everyone have a different role, never that same.
However, we have the right to choose
Life or malediction, let it not confuse,
But don't forget whatever we are or what we do,

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