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Every day can be lovely if you open your mind
Face life as it is, do your best and unwind.
Some of us lives for work and be important,
Some of us spend time doing nothing for them work is unpleasant.

I see the need for this poem.

You are what you are, God made you that way.
It is not right to copy or be another person & do what you may.

I passed 77 years old yesterday,
Looking forward peace, self confidence & health in every way.
This will be the 12th 7 year cycle for me,
When joy for ever should start and I am happy to be with Thee.

My sweet, little darling, you were the best,
One of the smartest child between all the rest.
You and I always know that you'll make it well,
On money cares you never have to dwell.

No more days of pain and misery,
Once we understand life's purpose and gallery.
Life will be light and happy,
We'll be flexible and walk through life gloriously.

When someone criticizes you, listen,
It means your subconscious created a burden.
Can mean that you are wrong or it is just fear of success,
Anyhow, you must look into it, find the truth, be fearless.

How you think, that's how your life is
Many knows that, you don't have to be a whiz.
As you think you pick up food and move,
If negative, your problems will be worse, never improve.

This life is just an illusion, where we are stuck for the moment.
In the next we will be out of it, without any comment.
Rich or poor, we all have our problems what we have to work out,
Each of us is an his/her way alone, I have no doubt.

I say it over and over, life is a school room
We are represented with challenges, nothing is a doom.
Sure, it is not easy to find good solution,
So, experiment, try this way or that, till you find the best connection.

Looking into the eyes of Medussa, the Greek mythology's evil one
Will turn anyone into stone, they will be done.
Earthly problems are similar, you dwell on them or let them go,
You eat up yourself or ignore their existence, just saying: 'so? ? ? '

Time, what is time in this vast Universe?
Here we spend our moments, make it happiness or a curse.
Everything is up to our attitude,
We have the choice to be kind to everyone or to be rude.

So many family is divided,
Parents against children agitated,
On the other side the kids do not approve them,
Criticizing, judging for every happenings and problem.

Are you born to be a race car driver?
Even if not, many of you are a race traveler.
Many are ambitious, would like to beat the other,
On any cost became a winner.

S Stands for wisdom
You learn from the past and you put it into the future stardom.

Your smartness will outshine the rest,

We need purpose, but what do we attract?
Parents take care of their children or vice versa, they react,
Man work in their jobs, many woman do the housework,
Unless ambition hits them both to became a jerk.


In the school of life there are many rooms,
As Jesus talked about his father, who have a big volumes
On this earth you can find the many level of civilizations,
From primitives, next & next up to the smart scientist interventions.

Parents tell children what to do, children tell same way,
They do not beat around the bush do not try to be goody-goody, their truth they say.
Later people learn to be more diplomatic, possibly nicer then need,
But when they get older became again like children in their deed.

When you meet someone who teaches you more,
Grab the opportunity because you'll become smarter then before.
In the last days we will be editing each other,
Until we stand on our own feet & find our own encounter.

We are here to learn from each other,
What we see in others it is our happiness or trouble,
It is up to us to find what we see in them,
And we have the choice to choose if we want their friendship

LaSoaphia QuXazs Biography

I work out my life by writing a poem every time something comes to my attention and I have the feeling for it. I'd like to publish here some of my Life Philosophy. However, I know only those people will see it, who understand, and already have some knowledge on the subject. Let us all evolve on the road of life with the speed what we are able to take. I do my best to follow the great teachers, such as the Bible and the TAO, and familiar of the teaching, that we are what we think, by picking up the appropriate lifestyle. Everybody is just a traveler on the road of Life, where lessons are given. There is no good, there is no bad, only life lessons. I came a long way from 1934, went through a war, a revolution, starvation, poverty and I can relate to everybody on this Earth. Love you all, wishing you God's best of Health, Good life and true Happiness in all your life.)

The Best Poem Of LaSoaphia QuXazs

To Work Or Not To Work.

Every day can be lovely if you open your mind
Face life as it is, do your best and unwind.
Some of us lives for work and be important,
Some of us spend time doing nothing for them work is unpleasant.

It is not the work, but what we learn through where we are now,
How we communicate with others & what we learn of life anyhow.
So, work hard or do nothing, your place is there to learn the secret,
Preferably with peace, happiness, easy living wish & positive deep-set.

Then you will find life's easy street,
You work only if you want and will find life sweet.
Will find how to enjoy everything,
With gratefulness in your heart everlasting.

LaSoaphia QuXazs Comments

Shahzia Batool 27 September 2012

Recommended Reading: La Soaphia QuXazs Why? ? ? The reasons are not wanting at all! ! ! Her poems are simply inspirational, offering a positive and optimistic outlook on life... i'm one of those privileged people who keep her book in the personal shelf of daily reading... thanks for being so nice...

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Ebi Robert 11 August 2011

You are a woman of wisdom. I see in you. Your smile alone tells me that. I pray let the world come to know a true woman who stand for the youths. To encourage and keep them going. Thank you so very much......

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Khairul Ahsan 09 June 2020

You are of my mom's age, my deepest respects to you for your devotion to poetry.

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Khairul Ahsan 09 June 2020

Very happy to see you back here, dear poet Lasoaphia Quxazs. I was wondering for quite a while, thinking what might have happened with you that caused your absence from this poetry site. I am so sorry to know about your eye problem. Hope it gets well soon, so that you can come back again to poetry reading and writing. Miss your poems of wisdom and philosophical thoughts, ma'm.

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 16 February 2020

I was not here for 2 years or so, even now I can hardly see, I wanted to post a poem, but it did not go tru. Sorry, the codes what you require are very difficult for the people with serious eye trouble. I know the answer cam be, that I do not have to use this sight. Thanks anyway.

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Dr Pintu Mahakul 07 November 2016

Review about poetess LaSoaphia QuXazs From the Desk of: Dr. PINTU MAHAKUL (Ph.D.) LaSoaphia QuXazs is an outstanding philosophical international European-American poetess born in 1934 at Budapest, the capital and largest city of Hungary of European Union (EU) but lives in Annapolis, Maryland, USA and she has great feelings about life, work and literary service. Her birthplace is well known as rich political, cultural, social, commercial, industrial and transportation centre. River Danube bisects the city. Rich in history Castle Hill talks about Buda’s old town. Growing in such a beautiful place she has experienced life from closer aspects and observed nature and people around. She has come a long way since 1934 passing through the ages of World War-II (Second World War from 1939-1945) , revolution, and witnessing starvation and poverty. She realized and related entire world and has much experience about human resources of different corners of the world. I have known her very well. I have gone through many of her poems and I am really amazed finding deep philosophy and true knowledge of experiences within. Deeply she pays attention towards life and philosophy in the road of life to carry and spread knowledge. She has deep and due respect for great teachers, saints and Holy Scriptures and for the Holy Bible and TAO. Every human being is a traveller and picking appropriate lifestyle one can get better physical and mental happiness according to her. She writes poems from her inner mind about, life, nature, love, spirituality and God. Her books titled, “Life, Love, Friendship and Work, ” and “Journey into the Light, ” both are real milestones that reflect her personality and deep thoughts. She states that each lesson of life changes personality and she keeps changing herself with time and she puts her all feelings for God and mankind. According to her to get health, wealth and happiness in life having ancient wisdom of scriptures and old men is very much necessary. Getting true happiness in earthly life matters a lot. She reads poems, articles and books of other poets and authors with much care and valued opinions. Among her all poems, “To work or not to work, Happiness is knowing the Lord, Purpose, Patience, Easter, The time is here, Self confidence, Everybody is a teacher, A Happy ending, Be yourself, Life energy rotation of the universe, Meditation of life, Wise sayings about life, Wisdom vs. Experience and I let go let God, ” are very much worthy and almost all of her poems are really gems in the world literary treasure. In the sky of golden literature and philosophy she is definitely a dazzling star and a legend. I wish her all the best. May flowers blossom in her way of walking! May fragrance adore her every moment with joy! May God bring unlimited happiness for her and her all family members! (Pintu Mahakul, Brahmapur, Odisha, INDIA, Date: 07 November 2016) Best Wishes from: - Dr. PINTU MAHAKUL (Ph.D.) Indian freelance writer, poet and researcher

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Shahzia Batool 29 October 2012

My messages are for those who understand And given the wisdom to get into the promised land.

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