LaSoaphia QuXazs

Freshman - 634 Points (1934 / Budapest, Hungary, living in the USA)

LaSoaphia QuXazs Poems

121. Noise 5/29/2011
122. Nothing Comes With A Good User Guide. 1/27/2013
123. Now 5/15/2011
124. Observe The Tv Shows 11/11/2012
125. Ode To The Enneagram. 5/27/2011
126. One Cannot Save The Whole World. 1/26/2012
127. Parents Vs Children, Children Vs Parents. 8/28/2012
128. Patience. 9/15/2011
129. Play The Game Of Life 1/1/2012
130. Play The Game Of Life. 6/11/2012
131. Poets Of The World. 11/6/2011
132. Prayer. 1/22/2012
133. Problems Or Challenges 11/11/2012
134. Proverbs For The Enlightened Ones. 6/11/2012
135. Purpose. 5/25/2012
136. Raising Children Not Easy. 1/24/2014
137. Regrets Of The Past. 8/9/2011
138. Remember Our Beloveds. 8/9/2012
139. Romeo And Juliet. 9/23/2012
140. S If It Is In Your Name. 12/5/2012
141. Salute To My Teachers In Life. 8/15/2013
142. Scammers And Business People Attention 8/10/2011
143. Secret Of Life 5/15/2011
144. Self Confidence. 3/18/2012
145. Self Confidence.2 10/28/2012
146. Seniors 5/17/2011
147. Show Your Light. 7/29/2013
148. Starts With The Year 2000 5/15/2011
149. Stomach Problems. 11/6/2012
150. Stronger, Better, Healthier 8/11/2011
151. Tai Chi. 7/27/2011
152. The Journey Of Life 7/22/2012
153. The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth. 8/8/2013
154. The Poet. 4/22/2017
155. The Race Car Driver. 6/10/2013
156. The Spiral Of Life 5/29/2011
157. The Sun Comes Up Early In The Morning. 2/14/2014
158. The Time Is Here. 4/26/2012
159. The Twinkling Evening-Morning Star. 8/1/2013
160. The Yellow Brick Road Of Life 7/25/2011
Best Poem of LaSoaphia QuXazs

To Work Or Not To Work.

Every day can be lovely if you open your mind
Face life as it is, do your best and unwind.
Some of us lives for work and be important,
Some of us spend time doing nothing for them work is unpleasant.

It is not the work, but what we learn through where we are now,
How we communicate with others & what we learn of life anyhow.
So, work hard or do nothing, your place is there to learn the secret,
Preferably with peace, happiness, easy living wish & positive deep-set.

Then you will find life's easy street,
You work only if you want and will find life ...

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Humanity always wishing for another thing
As in winter for coming of the spring.
Summer they are tired of the heat,
Or when it rains they want to stop the beat.

Always praying (begging) for peace or for the ill,
More money when they blow theirs to cover their bill.
Always something what they don't have yet,
Seldom appreciating the blessings or the beautiful sunset.

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