Lauren Owens Poems

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I Never Let It In

I never let love in so i could save my heart from hurting,
No theres things i never thought would make these walls start turning,

You sing the sweetest tune,


I hope it rains
In this part of town where the world wont find me
ill try and convince myself your not the reason
the sun doesnt shine anymore

Sing Into The Night (Vampire)

We sing into the night
Hoping the angels will bring the light
My heart dramatically beating
Wont stop me from saving everyone tonight

Will I Sleep (Vampire)

She lies beside you as cold as christmas morning
Beautiful in her snow white skin
That reflection begins to fade
The stars our only light in the black blanket of our day

The Worlds In My Heart

I gather the world up in my heart
Step into solitude then fall apart

I'll never tell you what storms are going on in my head,


Dreaming comes so easily,
Cuz its all ive ever known
True loves a fairytale
And i should of known between fiction and fact,

Black And White

The sounds of silence are defeaning the streets tonight
And we all so willing to commit the crime
Should we expect no consequence
Maybe all lies will pass the test everytime


I’m nostalgic for a life I never had,
You were all wonderful,
but you were not enough,
you did not dull the pain,

Open Doors

Life is a street of haunted houses,
With windows that keep you in,
and in these rooms we love we hate,
we bathe in light and sin,


Things are so different here,
Who you are is significant here,
Old truths dissapear,
On everyface theres the same story,

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