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I’ve been disowned
My name have been taken from me
Families have turn their backs on me
That road full of traps and disappointment is been

How Long?

How long will it take to start a new beginning
for us to set apart our past and stop hurting
for the love we have to be above everything else?
How long will you be my knight

When Are You Really On Your Own?

Are you on your own when you turn18 and
Going to college or when you feel
like you are at the edge about to fall
And there’s no one there to catch you?

Black Heart Princess

A heart of gold in the deep depth of
Depression Such a beautiful soul
caught in the midst of rage and
pain. Tears of a fallen angel with

Each Day

Each day is one day closer to the end
each day is one day older, wiser

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Cecelia Warner 26 April 2007

We have alot in common.Your words are my life as well. Disowned by family members and one of them being my mom who recently passed away. I miss her terribly and any chance to be back in her life. Please know that family doesn't necessarily mean blood related family is where you have (and always will have) LOVE! Remember one thing...God is LOVE! Thanks for that beautiful poem. God bless you! Sincerly, Cecelia

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