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I was born in the Philippines but raised in the United States. I am very happily married and have 4 kids and 1 terrific grandson. My terrific sisters who are Poemhunter members have introduced me to this and trying to help me with the world of computers (obviously I am very computer illiterate! ! !) Please bear with me. Thank you Aurora Wells and Lee Degnan for being the wonderful sisters and friends you both truly are.Also I have the best mother-in-law, in-laws and stepkids anyone could ever have. I love you ALL!

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Tracy Rollings 04 May 2007

Our 'Bleeding Hearts, I just wanted to tell you that was a beautiful, very sad and deep but I loved it, brought back memories from the past both good and bad, you have a way of expressing your feeling in your work, great job and it comes from the heart. I'll be be watching and reading more, thanks your friend Tracy

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Lee Degnan 03 May 2007

My sister Cecelia, my true sister by blood With her poems, the memories for me start to flood And as I start to realize that poetry is her hidden gift My feelings on how we grew up takes an unexpected shift In families such as ours, we all had our roles I happened to be the favorite, the spotlight I stole And her role, as it were, was to be the clown Friends flocked to her because she was fun to be around But as old and tiring as these roles had gotten over the years, when siblings get together, roles turned into battle gear It's how we grew up and so, learned how to cope through the dysfuntion, what was there to hope? I see it now, Cel, the sadness through the smile I see the crack in the mask, it's been there all the while It's hidden so well, as long as others keep laughing your sense of humor is really your sadness-in-masking I hope you already know this, but I'll tell you here I love you so much, and close to my heart I hold you so dear We have so many things that we will never agree upon but understanding you better through poetry is now what's spawned I thank you so much for the opportunity to look into your soul I'm happy you now have people in your life making you feel whole And before too long, I hope to see you finally hold your head up high and that you'll put down that mask... and kiss it goodbye. Welcome to Poemhunters, I know they'll love your company, sista. Much love, Lee

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Broken Family

By: Shannah Mackey

My family is broken and cannot be fixed.
I wonder if they love me or if I'm even missed.
We used to be so happy but where did that go?
I'm not sure how they feel but I almost feel alone.
It was such a stupid fight. Who knows what about.
I just remember it all ended in screams and shouts.
No one calls my mom and it makes her very sad.
I don't know what happened to the special bonds we had.
My family is broken and I don't want it fixed.
Just know that they are loved and they are missed.
Except for one who I think started it all.
Just know if you want to talk. I'm not gonna be the one to call.
We all went through the same pain sometime last year.
Someone very special died but we all still hold her near.
I couldn't say, 'good-bye' or tell her she is loved.
I just hope that she is here. Watching me from above.
My family is broken and cannot be fixed.
I wonder if they love me of if I'm even missed.

This poem is for my family. We've been through a lot but we haven't been there for eachother. It's sad that we don't talk anymore and it's hurting us all. My mom really misses everyone but no one calls and she doesn't feel part of the family. I don't really consider us a family anymore because family is supposed to be there for eachother but we're not. Instead of listening to all the lies going around...Try to find the truth! ! ! You can't always believe what you hear because then this happens. If any of you are reading this. Don't call beacuse you think you have to. Call because you want to and because you love us. The fight isn't only hurting the adults. It's hurting the KIDS too! ! !

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