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I walk beside him
Scared to death.
I smile trying not to show it.
He smirks back.

S waying in the breeze,
P etunias and tulips can now bloom and breathe.
R ain comes and sprinkles but once a day
I ndoors is no place to stay on such a beautiful day.

Dear Vincent:

I love the way you hold me tight
I love the way you kiss me just right

(Free Verse)

The pain may be washed away
with the waves of time

(inspired by Duncan Wyllie's

I am a phoenix,

As the wind blows
And branches flow
Against the windy breeze
As I look around at the beauty

As I wept my spirits rose
releasing through my tears the woes.
Though tears stream down my face,
it all has a sort of grace.

This is one of my new favorite poems. It is by a dear friend that maybe you all know. I am sort of biased since it was written for me but just thought I'd share.

They say her head's way up in the clouds
Too far for some to reach

my soul did take
you lied, you cheated, you did partake

Glass house exposing my sins,
my lies and thoughts
of hearts true desire.

(dedicated to all those lovey dovey love fanatics)

My love for you is stronger than a potion.
My love for you is deeper than the ocean.

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I am 19 years old and I love anything that has to do with art. I an not very good a writing poetry I am a lot better at writing stories. Want to know more about me, feel free to send a message. :) I've a myspace and facebook under the email.. sunflower9177@hotmail.com (To Be Continued...) My life is a huge cliche)

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The Fair (Narrative Poem)

I walk beside him
Scared to death.
I smile trying not to show it.
He smirks back.
He knows I’m faking,
he knows I want to turn and run.
Run as fast as I can home.
Home- oh I wish to see it again.
Oh dear mama,
I love you.
I don’t want to die.
I’m only 8.
It looks so high
I climb on, green faced,
Heart pounding
Over under, over under
Loopdy loop, dive.
It’s all over,
The roller coaster of death.
I put my feet on the ground,
glad to see it on my own terms.
I look up at him laughing,
“I did it, I won the dare! ” I say.

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