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I want to write a poem
About pretty black girls
Who don't relax and lie their dreams away
Voices that curl

You and I
We are the keepers of dreams
We mould them into light beams
And weave them into life's seams

I see the wisdom of eternities
In ample thighs
Belying their presence as adornments
To the temples of my sisters

Home is a foreign land
That hurls the might of its confusion around the world
Strangers believe they know my bruises
The smallness of boxes they call eyes

When I am closed
Used up
You are stretched at your fullest width

I knew a girl once who lived in a house made of skin
With the spine of time stretched through it
The slightest wind would make it spin

Every child, my child is wrapped in a ribbon of rhythm
Every child, my child is wrapped in a ribbon of rhythm
Every child, my child is wrapped in a ribbon of rhythm,

After they've fed off of your memories
Erased dreams from your eyes
Broken the seams of sanity

"I dance to know who I am
When I am in motion
I move to find the rhythm
That permeates this commotion

Lebogang Mashile Biography

Lebogang Mashile (July 2, 1979) is a South African actor, writer and performance poet.

The daughter of exiled South African parents, she was born in the United States and returned to South Africa in the mid-1990s after the end of apartheid. She began the study of law and international relations at the University of the Witwatersrand but became more interested in the arts. With Myesha Jenkins, Ntsiki Mazwai and Napo Masheane, she founded the poetry group Feela Sistah.

She appeared in the 2004 film Hotel Rwanda and has performed in a number of theatre productions, including Threads which combined dance, music and poetry. Mashile also recorded a live performance album incorporating music and poetry titled Lebo Mashile Live. She co-produced and hosted the documentary program L’Attitude on SABC 1 and hosted a game show Drawing the line on SABC 2.

In 2005, she published her first poetry collection In a ribbon of rhythm, for which she received the Noma Award in 2006. Mashile was named one of South Africa's Awesome Women of 2005 by Cosmopolitan and one of the Top 100 youth in South Africa by the Mail & Guardian in 2006 and 2007.

The Best Poem Of Lebogang Mashile

Tomorrow's Daughters

I want to write a poem
About pretty black girls
Who don't relax and lie their dreams away
Voices that curl
The straight edges of history
Hair thin slices of a movement
Turning the world kinky
I respect the disciplined silent screamers
Who expose the holes
Emily Dickinson, I am climbing through
To your wooden shed of isolation
Where the robin's song
Robbed you of your sanity
I revere people to my own detriment
Perhaps you did too
But when I enter your hallowed hearth
Please don't turn me away
I want to show pretty black girls
How to look at their hearts
With eyes blaring at full blast
The way you did
Together we can build a bridge
To the promise in their faces
And pull them towards poems
By pretty black girls
Wearing crowns of change

Lebogang Mashile Comments

Valencia Mashego 07 May 2018

Great work Ausi Lebo I love your work and everything you do you are my role model

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Maxober Da Poet 11 July 2018

Fair comment, from myself. I am poet today because of you. I was engaged to poem during Latitude days. My favorite part about that show was the starting introduction of the show THERE IS A SPACE BETWEEN YOU AND ME and the last two minutes of the show, where you were wrapping up the show your scripts. I you are the reason I join the industry and the industry is also happy to have a poet like me, because of your motivations that's was all over my mind. #OneLove

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inga pezisa 11 May 2018

what a nice, beautiful and amazing poem

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Portia 02 September 2019

What an inspiration ....... you are a good person to all Africans

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vuyelwa lucia sethene 10 May 2019

You woke up the poet part in me since i was 14 years old..through LATITUDE, i one day woke up as a poet at school, since that i have been writing poetry..i adore your work ausi LEBO MASHILE

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mohau f lesesa pholo 22 October 2018

authentic pieces of the heart is what u clan

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Thandi Lolo Sekgobela 12 October 2018

i love your poems. wish to be like you one day.

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Lizzy 07 September 2018

I miss her, love and crazy about her poems please bring her back on tv.

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