Tomorrow's Daughters Poem by Lebogang Mashile

Tomorrow's Daughters

Rating: 5.0

I want to write a poem
About pretty black girls
Who don't relax and lie their dreams away
Voices that curl
The straight edges of history
Hair thin slices of a movement
Turning the world kinky
I respect the disciplined silent screamers
Who expose the holes
Emily Dickinson, I am climbing through
To your wooden shed of isolation
Where the robin's song
Robbed you of your sanity
I revere people to my own detriment
Perhaps you did too
But when I enter your hallowed hearth
Please don't turn me away
I want to show pretty black girls
How to look at their hearts
With eyes blaring at full blast
The way you did
Together we can build a bridge
To the promise in their faces
And pull them towards poems
By pretty black girls
Wearing crowns of change

Qiniso Mogale 22 March 2017


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Kayaali Govender 08 August 2020

this is a very intresting poem and it makes you think from other perspective

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Zarah 30 May 2018

Is this poem written from your personal, own experience? Or you just wrote it from hearing about this from somebody who went through it?

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Chinedu Dike 28 May 2018

An inspirational fragrance elegantly brought forth with clarity of mind and thought. A beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing Lebo and do remain enriched.

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Thando 20 April 2018

you an inspiration

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Snesh 16 April 2018

OMG.. This is a wonderful poem. Nice

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