Lee Fones Poems

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Duck Woof And Dog Quack

heard a duck it woof
saw a dog it quack
this duck looked rough
then the dog did clack

Writers Block

how i detest writers block
when i bang my head
I hear a wooden knock
fidgeting for inspiration

Vlad The Impaler

Vlad the Impaler sublime
committed horrific barbaric crimes
boiled twenty thousand in cauldron
impaled both parents and children

Winter Birds In English Garden

solitude of countryside
in the snowy winter time
down slopes kids slide
and birds chirping sublime

Chaos Of Christmas Near

hustle bustle in the shops
computers always down
however time it never stops
in Christmas rush i drown

Burma War

my great-granddad and granddad
fought in first and second war
great-granddad fought in Trinidad
and me granddad on Burma shore

Macaroni Cheese

I tried having macaroni
lovely macaroni cheese
wasn't half starving
and mice were please

Dedicated To All Poets

today is poem day, hip hooray
time to get champers out
or cans that make you sway
but watch the lager lout

Christmas Christmas Christmas

Christmas Christmas Christmas
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho
it really is amass
with all the friends you know

One Really Sad Wedding Day

bride and groom about to wed
the bride got in a Hurst
dressed up to the hilt
think this wedding cursed

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