Writers Block Poem by Lee Fones

Writers Block

Rating: 5.0

how i detest writers block
when i bang my head
I hear a wooden knock
fidgeting for inspiration
like searching a sodden sock
it really is annoying
now distracted by seagull flock

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: humor
Gajanan Mishra 11 June 2014

good writing, thanks, I like it.

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Michelle Claus 30 January 2015

The final line is cute, suggesting distractibility more than block. Write about the seagull flock....

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Patricia Grantham 23 November 2014

Most of us suffer from this dilemma at times. We take a deep breath, relax for a while and come back refreshed. Nice.

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Khairul Ahsan 21 June 2014

You have so nicely described the poets' predicament! I have a similar poem titled 'Poetic Stagnation'.

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Adeline Foster 18 June 2014

Clever is so right, cute, cute. We do have those moments. Read mine = Writers Dilemma - Adeline

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Colleen Courtney 13 June 2014

Haha! I find this clever little poem so charming and fun! Yet also so very truthful! It is so easy to get distracted when trying to find that ever elusive needed muse! Love this!

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