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A love so deep like the ocean
Stood still
As the wind blows
It roars through out the day and night

Your eyes shows how much you want me
Your body language says you love me only

Sweet words you speak in my ear

Don't say what you don't mean
Keep it real
Don't tell me, you know how I feel
Unless you have walked in my shoes

You think you know my life story
But don't know nothing about me
If I tell you all the pain I had endured
You will be shocked for sure

A fool for still loving you

You broke my heart into a million pieces
And scattered it; all over the floor

If you love me enough

If you love me enough
You would look past my mistake

You say
I'm your property
When you did not purchased me
And certainly don't owned a receipt

The moonlight sets in the still of the night
I heard a scream
Somehow I feel like I'm in a dream
The person voice sounded clear

With your lips on my dark chocolate skin
I crave you from deep within
The love I feel for you is not a sin
It's not a game that's played to win

Take charge of my soul
Take control;
Give me the deepest love, I never had before
Cleanse my heart and make it pure

As I sit and write these lines
Memories flash back to ancient times
To a love that was so divine
A man with a heart as big as the world

I don't know you at all

You have ripped apart
My whole heart


Teardrops roll down my eyes
Like rain falling from the sky

Faded Dreams

When dreams become faded
And visions are no longer clear to see

Leesaan Robertson Biography

I am from St.Ann's bay Jamaica. I am very passionate about writing especially poetry because it speaks to my soul. I'm looking forward to become a professional writer someday and get published. Also; I yearn to become better at writing poetry.)

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A Love So Deep

A love so deep like the ocean
Stood still
As the wind blows
It roars through out the day and night
Your heart and mine
Combined together as one for eternity
My heart smiles; whenever you touch me
My heart speaks
It says you're the only man for me
Just one kiss from you; makes my heart beat
Real love like ours is meant to be
My love for you is unconditional
It defines what true love is all about
It's more than eternal
I love you
You love me
Our love is everlasting.

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Leesaan Robertson Popularity

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