My Life Story Poem by Leesaan Robertson

My Life Story

Rating: 4.5

You think you know my life story
But don't know nothing about me
If I tell you all the pain I had endured
You will be shocked for sure
So I advised you not to judge me
By the smile I carry everyday
It's the only way I can hide the battle, I'm fighting inside

You don't know my life story
And the amount of storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes
I been through constantly
Don't be fooled by my outer appearance
Because there's a war going on inside my soul
I feel lost, empty, and hopeless
All I want is to find happiness

You can't tell my life story
For I am the only one who can
You don't know the hell I face now and then
And I'm still standing tall
There's a reason why I did not fall
I was made to be strong like a brick wall
Yet I feel weak all the time
And it's always hard for me to keep a steady mind.

Sunday, November 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Khairul Ahsan 17 January 2019

Hope, your predicaments have been over by now and you are in a happier situation. You were sad when you wrote this poem, yet you have been able to write a beautiful one, in spite of the situation being, to quote your own words, 'it's always hard for me to keep a steady mind'.

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