A Scream Poem by Leesaan Robertson

A Scream

The moonlight sets in the still of the night
I heard a scream
Somehow I feel like I'm in a dream
The person voice sounded clear
But they were nowhere near
My body trembles in fear
Suddenly I'm becoming scared.

I'm hearing a scream continually
Now I'm thinking it's me
Could I be losing my sanity?
The scream is louder than it was before
I could hear the lock turning on the door
My bones are breaking
My heart is beating
My soul is shaking
My eyes are wondering.

I can't move because my body is totally freeze
From the cold breeze
That burst the door wide open
I've never been this scared, not as often.
The scream started again
If this is a dream, I wish it hurry up and end
The door slammed by itself
Fearful me
Wrapped up in the bed, thinking if this is happening to someone else.

The scream appears to be close
It's getting more loud than I thought
I hope nobody face a bad night like me, not even my foes
Because this is a complete nightmare, God knows
The person scream was finally near me
I was so frighten, it woke me back up to reality
It was as real as it seems
But it was just a scary dream.

Monday, March 24, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: screaming
I have no special reason why I wrote this poem.
Kaila George 15 April 2014

Dreams are windows to reality...so I am told...mine have been like that...scary for me...but well its hard to explain, in poems I write what I have seen in reality and in my dreams. But this was one I could not stop reading from the first to the last line...gripping...thanks for sharing.

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