Leila Ired

Leila Ired Poems

1. Someday 6/4/2007
2. I Have Known 6/4/2007
3. Hero (Systematic Discussion) 6/30/2007
4. Like Daylight 7/5/2007
5. But One Gospel 1/28/2008
6. Windfall 3/19/2009
7. Laundry 7/15/2010
8. Exsanguination 7/21/2010
9. For You My Love -Translation 5/31/2007
10. Beige 7/15/2010
11. Searching For Pride 6/30/2007
12. About A Family -Translation 6/1/2007
13. Scapegoats 6/1/2007
14. Judgment Day 6/4/2007
15. Pater Noster -Translation 6/1/2007
16. Motivations / Goals 5/31/2007
17. Crosswalk 6/4/2007
18. New Age Feminism 7/15/2010
19. Immigration Policy 7/5/2007
20. Juxtaposition 5/31/2007
21. Paris At Night -Translation 6/1/2007
22. The Dunce -Translation 6/1/2007

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The Dunce -Translation

He says no with his head
but he says yes with his heart
he says yes to what he likes
he says no to his teacher
he stands
is questioned
and all the problems are posed
suddenly crazy laughter takes him
and he erases it all
the numbers and the words
the dates and the nouns
the sentences and the traps
and despite the master's threats
under the jeers of the prodigy children
with chalk of every color
on the blackboard of misery
he draws the face of joy

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Let's find who to blame:
Ulrica scorned by Cedric,
Pandora and her thrice-cursed box.

And what of cruel Helen,
fathered by Zeus,
wedded by Menelaus,
bought and sold without end
an angel on an auction block?