Leria Hawkins

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Leria Hawkins Poems

201. I Have No Art 1/21/2013
202. A Thousand Miles 9/20/2012
203. There's No Fight Left 2/3/2012
204. Burning Bridges Falling Down 3/16/2012
205. Sharks Teeth 2/21/2012
206. A Rose For All Seasons 1/20/2012
207. Call It A Truce 3/14/2013
208. 24 Karat 7/25/2013
209. Play It Again, Sam 12/30/2013
210. And Yet, I Love You Still 7/11/2014
211. Old Wood 5/31/2013
212. It's A Love, I'Ve Loved In Vain 11/15/2014
213. Birdbrain 3/30/2012
214. I Cannot Go, I Cannot Stay 7/14/2012
215. Live And Let Die 6/21/2013
216. Once I Believed 2/7/2015
217. I'M Not Asking For Much 1/24/2015
218. I'Ll Leave It Alone 2/7/2015
219. Wishes 2/28/2015
220. Ode To My Gumption (Or Lack Thereof) 1/20/2012
221. I Understand 'Fantasy' 2/24/2012
222. A Late Night (Adult) Swim 5/21/2013
223. It Is Yours 8/2/2013
224. I'Ve Come To Understand 8/18/2015
225. Tin Man 8/6/2014
226. Graceless 4/15/2016
227. Susan, Susan...I Must Confess 4/29/2016
228. Ode To My Fruitless Dreams 1/7/2016
229. Junkie 2/28/2015
230. A Spoonful Of Sugar 3/30/2012
231. A Mistress To Her Lover 8/21/2013
232. Skin Deep 4/11/2014

Comments about Leria Hawkins

  • Zoila T. Flores Zoila T. Flores (7/11/2014 11:57:00 PM)

    Well, Love is something we can digest and yet we know how to swallow it.

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  • Susan Lacovara Susan Lacovara (10/1/2013 10:43:00 PM)

    Thank you for commenting on my work, as I consider all poets I meet through this forum new friends. I have read some of your poetry as well, and find we have lots of emotions in common. I applaud that you write primarily for the simple love of writing. I do too...You have a lovely manner of expressing yourself...and I look forward to discovering more of your poems. PEACE

  • Howard Johnson (9/28/2006 11:10:00 AM)

    If you haven't read Sandra Hamrick, , There is a great tallent to be discovered....

Best Poem of Leria Hawkins

Skin Deep

Who would think a rose so sweet
Would dry and crumble at my feet
And blooms that scent my night and day
Would steal my heart, then fade away

With petals soft and fondly red
Sweet essence fills my addled head
Then turns to dust before my eyes
Leaving naught, but my surprise

Who would think such thorny vine
Could lift a blossom as divine
And by the stem on which it stands
Could so wrong my offered hand

Such strength and beauty is rarely true
A blessing owned by very few
As 'neath the soil, in winters keep
There sleeps a rose to tear my ...

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I Cling No More

I have arrived…
And I say with some relief
That I do not mourn for you
Or begrudge who you are
You see….I have simply…accepted

I suppose I have hardened my heart
And closed the door
I do not care that you have failed to know me

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