Leslie Ann, AKA: L.A. Rummel Poems

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'What If The Unborn Had A Voice? '

'Voice of the Unborn Child'
by Leslie Rummel

I am here!

Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ
Beloved children so dear
We live in a volatile, troubled world
That can stir in us doubt and fear!

'Noah And The Ark Rap! '

God saw that man
Had lost any kind of worth
So He made the choice to end all life
And destroy every living thing on earth!

'You're Everywhere'

When morning light has broken

'To Our First Responders'

To EVERY First Responder
Across our troubled land
God has blessed you in this hour
To help your fellow man!


'M' is for 'Magnificent', a word describing you!
'O' is for 'Outstanding' and all the wondrous things you do!
'T' is for the many 'Times' you sacrificed for me!
'H' is for the 'Happiness' you bring abundantly! !


'N' is for the 'NEVER-ENDING qualities in you!
'U' is your 'UNWAVERING' strength in everything you do!
'R' is for 'RESPONDER', which you are in every way!
'S' is all the 'SACRIFICES' made by you, each day!

'I Am Fearfully And Wonderfully Made'

I am created in God's image
I'm NOT a lifeless mass of flesh
A miracle in progress in His view!
Make no mistake about my worth

'Mary's Narrative'

In a desperate state of panic; From the crowd I shouted, 'Why? ' The priests said, 'Crucify Him! ' Officials yelled the same reply! In my bitterness I questioned, 'God, how can this be? ' I felt an anger surge inside - Like a fire consuming me! I begged, 'Don't let them kill my Son In this God-forsaken place! ' The guards strip and scourge Him And they spit upon His face! They try to steal His dignity With their searing, ruthless scorn; And pierce His tender head With a twisted crown of thorns A purple robe is thrown on Him More taunting then ensues; They try to make a fool of Him Yelling, 'Hail, King of the Jews! ' 'Have mercy now! Please let Him go! Let me hold Him in my arms; Let me hide Him from this brutal place That brings Yeshua harm! Abba, please come quickly now Reveal Your mighty hand; Stop these foolish people They do not understand! Blood is flowing down His brow; My body shakes in fear; Why is this world unjustly cruel To One who is so dear? I'm caught up in the frenzy Down this dirty, wretched path; Tainted with the wickedness Of evil, human wrath So weary on this cursed road That robs men of his breath; This endless, rugged hill I trudge Reeks of ruthless death! I look beyond the mob; My heavy eyes can see; More of Herod's merciless men Wait in authority? How could they be so cruel To Kill a man, adored? Do they know the One they'll crucify Is the Chosen One, the Lord? They cast His body to the ground; Oh God, is this the plan? They hammer rusty nails Through his tender feet and hands! I hear the whaling of His voice In my sinking sense of loss; They raise Him from the dusty ground And hang Him on a cross! A haunting silence now remains Have the powers of Hell now won? Does Satan whisper in the ears Of those who mock my Son? My knees give way and I collapse; My precious Son is slain! I cry out to the heavens, 'God, from this, what will they gain? ' My beloved one stands by my side In despair and misery; Yeshua speaks some final words To comfort John and me He looks up to the Heavens And cries, begrudgingly, Saying, 'Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthami! ' The world does not deserve the love Revealed upon His face; Yeshua gives His life up now In the perfect moment of grace! The Earth begins to tremble As if to bring the world great scorn; And then my ears behold the sound Of a curtain being torn! In the midst of mass confusion The people freeze in fear; The Holy Spirit lets me know That the Kingdom of God is near! As the Mother of the Son of God I know the Father's will; And stand in awe of what is done Prophecy fulfilled! January,2012 Leslie Ann Rummel

'Colors Of Heaven'

Are there colors in Heaven above?
Is there one that's used to show God's love?
Are they seemingly vague or BOLD in sight
Complex or simply black and white?