Lieketseng Ntsala

Rookie (23 March 1985 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Lieketseng Ntsala Poems

1. Blue Rhythem 6/11/2007
2. Rhythem For Blue 6/11/2007
3. I Guess We Died When I Gave Up On Us 6/11/2007
4. Letter To Emotion 6/11/2007
5. This Is What He Doesn'T Know 6/11/2007
6. After C There's 6/17/2007
7. June 16th, '76 - The Aftermath 6/17/2007
8. June 16th, '76 - The Aftermath Prt Ii 6/17/2007
9. A Note For Love That Was 6/17/2007
10. Water Off Her Back 6/11/2007
11. Sel'E Kaak Ander Bak 6/11/2007
12. Haedache 6/25/2007
13. Rhythem Perfect-Clockwork 6/27/2007
14. Then There's This Aspect To It All 6/27/2007
15. Ke Hoputse Hae 6/11/2007
16. Same Difference 6/24/2007
Best Poem of Lieketseng Ntsala

Same Difference

It's that subtle selfishness
That underlying 'me' - ness
That I-ness in your eyes...
I see it you
Just as I saw it in him too

It's like me doing all that I can to let you know that I got your back
While you just stand there and try figure just how far back
My back will bend for you
It'd be so easy for me to assume that there's no difference between the two
But you are you
And it's just...
You know the tiny
Itty Bitty 'unnoticeable things you'll do

Like how when yu haveing a bad day
I should
Cut and paste the things I ...

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Ke Hoputse Hae

I guess it is true - there is no other place like home.
E se ile sebaka ke li mona mosa le mawatle - ke seki hopotsi batho bahaeso joale.
Ke hopotsi puo ea mme lentate
Lijo tsa nkgono
Meqoqo le Listhe sta banna besu
Ke lakatsa ho bua seSotho impa mangesimani ana a ki dulang le onna bakasi kgoni hong kutluisisa lehona hong karaba
Ho li ntho di ngata mona mokeling empa ha o motho wa haeso
MoSotho o tje kanna ya buang puo ya Morena Litsie
MaAmerica ba lokile empa habana mofuthu onna waruna.

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