Bernard F. Asuncion Life Poems

It's A Beautiful Life

H-ow beautiful life it is,
A-lthough trials abound;
N-ovember sixth sunny day,
N-ice feeling heart has found.

Allow Your Life To Learn

V-ery well we understand
I-n November sixth day;
R-ugged wind may blow,
G-leams may fade away.

The Rest Of My Life

F-or the rest of my life
L-et me serve the Almighty;
A-ll my days will be spent
V-ery well to be worthy.

Let The Light Bathe Your Life

L-et the light bathe your life,
E-vening chill will disappear;
A-fter the rain fades away, the beacon will bring cheer.

Another Fact Of Life

S-un sets under the horizon,
H-igh heaven gets coal black;
I-t's truly a fact of life,
E-ither accept or turn back.

You Can Bet Your Life

D-on't ever lose your faith
I-n the Lord God Almighty;
A-sk Him to give to you
N-ew hope and ecstasy.

Her Life Begins At Forty (April 21,2016)

Her life begins at forty,
Shining as the sun so bright;
The beautiful bride years ago
Remains the same day and night.

Make Your Life Open Up

R-ise of the sun has begun
I-n twenty-ninth September;
T-elling your life to open up,
A-fter the night's deep slumber.

Life That We All Share

L-ife that we all share,
I-s in this troubled world;
Z-estful heart we possess,
A-s a strong wind has swirled.

Open Your Heart To Life

A-s you open your heart to life,
N-ever ever let it close;
T-ry to receive the message
O-f truth which the evil throws.

The Water That Gives Life

J-ust drink the life-giving water
O-n twenty-third September;
V-ery vital for salvation,
E-ssential for one to live

Kiss Of Life Not Of Death

K-iss of life not of death,
A-s the blessing not the curse;
T-wentieth September morn
H-as settled all your cares.

Missing Piece Of Life

M-issing piece of life
I-s finally found in you;
R-esearch is just over,
E-vening now is far from blue.

Let Your Life Enjoy

A-llow your life to enjoy,
L-iving in a shining day;
V-ile weather has turned
I-nto a better

Open Your Life To Love

J-ust open your life to love,
U-nderneath the heaven;
G-reatest kind of emotion
I-s in your heart till the

Along The Highway Of Life

A-long the highway of life
L-ight may be bright or gray;
H-aze and mist you might face
O-ctober thirtieth day.

Open Your Life To New Start

J-ust open your life to new start,
A-fter the night goes away;
S-imply begin with a prayer,
M-aking it a beautiful day.

Keeping Your Life Aglow

A-llow Friday moon to pass,
N-ew dawn has broken;
N-ight shadow has turned
I-nto a white cloud in heaven.

Life In Fifteenth September

L-ife in fifteenth September
O-nce was sad now in ecstasy;
R-apture that you deserve
E-radicates mess and misery.

Another Jubilation In Life

J-ubilation in your life
O-ffers a thousand thrill;
N-ice smile and laughter
A-re warming the cold chill.

Long Life And Lasting Peace

L-ong life and lasting peace
A-re sought by every man;
R-each for God's heavenly abode,
R-endering best service

Just Live A Life Ever So Well

J-ust live a life ever so well
O-n June twenty-ninth onward;
A-llow the Lord to guide you,
N-ever let the love get hard.

Names In The Book Of Life

N-ames in the book of life
A-re those who are in the fold;
R-egardless of race and color,
A-ll have one faith they hold.

Neverending Life In Heaven

E-verlasting life in heaven
S-hows the Almighty's love;
T-o attain the glorious gift,
R-emain faithful in God above.

Another Life Is In Store

A-nother life is in store,
N-ew earth and new heaven;
N-o more tears nor sorrow,
A-bode for the ones chosen.

More Than Just Life Itself

M-ore than just life itself,
E-arnestly fulfill our duty;
R-ight before the Lord's sight,
L-et's perform with integrity.

Let Life Learn The Lesson

L-et life learn the lesson,
U-ntil it knows how to listen;
C-hoose right from wrong
I-n facing the world

Move On With Your Life

M-ove on with your life,
A-llow it to see the morrow;
E-vening shadows disappear, so does the night of sorrow.

Eternal Life In Heaven

E-ternal life in heaven
R-eminds you of salvation;
A-s the whole world is dark,
N-ight will be brought to

Victorious Journey In Life

V-ictorious journey in life
I-s soon coming to shine;
M-any days are stormy,
A-pril twenty-sixth is fine.

Ask The Father For Life's Crown

R-ain won't stop falling
U-nless clime turns fine;
B-ecause haze disappears,
Y-our birthday will shine.

Elevate Your Life's Zeal

L-ong night and cold chill
A-re slowly fading away;
D-ark shadows disappear,
Y-our birth brightens the day.

Let Life Feel Felicity

L-et life feel felicity
Y-ou only live once;
N-ever waste opportunity to swoon with exuberance.

Meaningful Life

M-eaningful life to live
A-fter birth is filled with love;
U-nder the wide blue lane,
R-oses are below and above.

Get Ahead In Life To Win

G-et ahead in life to win,
I-t's a matter of determination;
N-ew strength you truly need,
A-s you must also have conviction.

Zest Of Life Is Not Permanent

L-ife is like a twirling wheel,
E-ver rolling around and around;
O-nce you reach the top
N-ext is touch the ground.

Leading A New Life

L-eading a new life,
O-ne must do every day;
R-ight path he walks in,
L-eaving behind the wrong way.

Letting Your Life Prolong

T-hirteenth December morn
I-s breaking before sunrise;
T-aste of delightful day
O-ffers smile so sweet and nice.

Letting Your Life Go On

A-s you celebrate the day,
M-orning has just broken;
E-vent like this is big,
L-ike a wide sky in heaven.

Life Is Not A Joke

Not a few suffer from pain
Or heartache and even sorrow;
Vibration from woes gets stronger
As one lives another morrow.

As Your Life Won't Fall Apart

C-herish the morning sun
A-s you rise from slumber;
R-ed beacon above the horizon
M-akes ascent, getting brighter.

No Signs Of Life

No jaywalking,
Instead use the overpass;
No loading and unloading
Of passengers male or lass.

Life Is Like A Pizza Pie

Your life is like a pizza pie,
With wisdom you should long or yearn;
It is not just a food to eat,
But also a lesson to learn.

Win Life's War

M-ist, haze, and fog
A-re fading into the night;
R-ay of the morning sun
I-s starting to set things

Life Must Go On

R-ainy night and chill are over,
Y-our day of birth is sunny;
A-fter the dark shadows fade,
N-ew light shines with glee.

Larger-Than-Life Love

Larger-than-life love
Is truly time-tested one;
It comes when least expected,
As the other is easily gone.

You Give Colors To My Life

You give colors to my life,
You've painted it with love;
You've turned the darkest day
Into light like the sun above.

The Wellspring Of Life

Almighty God is all knowing,
For He is omniscient;
He knows very well
Each and every heart's content.

Live Life To The Fullest

Live life to the fullest,
God has shortened the age;
Time runs out and flies fast,
Quickly turning another page.

Lessons Of Life To Learn

There are lessons of life to learn,
Coin has two sides - face down and up;
It moves quickly after the toss,
Finally, it does slowly stop.

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