Michael Shepherd Life Poems

! The Soundtrack To Our Life

...more than we or others ever realise, I reckon,
the music of our younger years
makes the soundtrack to our life -

! She As Life Itself

She passes through life
with grace and ease and lightness
like a fine bright silken sari
caught by the gentle breeze

0030 Your 'My Life' Exercise Book...

Buy a child's red-covered
'My Exercise Book'
like the one you bought
all those years ago

! A Joyful Death In Life

There is, it’s said, a state of joyful death,
known to the wise; and this, more realised
than that cessation of our mortal breath
beyond experience; only surmised;

! ! Opera Dei- Mozart To The Life

It’s a snapshot, except
before the age of the camera
yet more of a decisive moment
than any posed painting

! ! This Life Is 'On Approval'

Is ‘approve’ another word for ‘love’?
So that, when we say ‘I love you! ’ there’s the sense,
‘It’s good – I’m glad – that you are in this world! –
that you exist! ’ – so that, to love, becomes

0417 To A Small-Part Actress In The Drama Of My Life

Shall I compare thee to...a winter's night? ...I wish
I knew what so provokes...
is it me, is it you, is it us?
I try from time to time, to start afresh,

! ! Loving Life To The Death: Robert Capa

Behind the lens, the eye of the photographer;
behind the eye, the observer;
behind the observer, the immortal soul:

! A Life In The Day Of

It was a late, late night;
a wild, wild night;

primitive urges which people

! ! A Rich Interior Life With Style

I would live in that sort of space
if would were could.

Instead, I take off my shoes at the door,

0046 The Measured Life

Here in the garden at the break of day,
the air’s been washed with holy water overnight,
and it’s so peaceful, as if nature at this hour
replays Creation’s dawn; takes a heartfelt pause

0012 'Only One Life Was Lost In This Disaster''

The water’s not so deep
down here, it’s still stirred
on the sea-bed by the off-shore tide.
The seaweed waves in slow rhythm, almost gracefully.

! The Life Or Death Question

You could guess from the crowd
converging on the Memorial Hall
and on a Saturday night, that
the speaker must be world-famed in his field,

In The Steps Of Rumi 85: A Messed-Up Life

Your life is a mess? In every way?
And no sign of change?
Your fault? Or that of others?
Does it matter which, any more?

! ! A Cartesian Life Co-Odinated

The year is 1607; the place, the lodgings
of the Jesuit College Royal Henri-le-Grand
at La Fleche; it’s evening;

! Life Can Be So Surreal

When he first clapped eyes on her
you could have heard the clapping
in the next ballroom.

! A Sufi Life

Pen in hand, and pensive…
sitting by the open window,
the curtains moving gently in the breeze,
listening to the spontaneous liveliness

To The One Who Taught With Life

When I first looked
so deep into your eyes

I remembered

0015 Reading A Short Story Of Whose Life

and since they say
you're the greatest American short story writer,
I'm reading the one of yours
you chose yourself

Life In Shadow Land (David Taylor)

Our future is a projection of our past
with the promise of an ever present now
to grace proceedings
with spontaneous life and hope

0339: 21 Keywords To A Life

War under a summer sun
and the soldier’s life now a sleep, beautiful
in, we may hope, the angel kiss
of death, friend of heroic human nature.

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