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Dare to dream, Live to love, Write from the heart....

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({i Am Here For You})

If you need a shoulder to lean on
Someone to rely on
I am, from this point on
Here for you

{a Love Song}

The beat of my heart
With yours so in sync
Of all melodies played
The one I forever wish to hear

(((((Wind Of Change)))))

The wind of change
Blows through our days
Sometimes can leave
Our minds with haze

{my Beautiful Sunrise}

As dawn greets the day
And sunlight sparkles
Rays pouring down

*a Rose

A woman is like a rose
Her petals soft and fragrant
If she is cared for with loving tenderness
In life and love she shall bloom

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fleur de lys 02 October 2009

For poems that a pleasure to read that scale the heights of dreamy and quixotic fevour, look no further that Lilian's. She is touched with divine inspiration and let us hope she pursues this blessed gift.

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Ying Escalona 10 July 2007

hello Lilian..i love reading your poems..but what amazed me were born on February goodness...anyway..i am born February you..take care

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