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Darkness creeps into the bluest skies
And alas, there are your words
The very essence and purpose
Of my day is about to begin

O' damsel I caressed
Of sweet love i praised
the lass i sanctify
a goddess of my eye

Like a thirsty man trapped in the sanctuary of thoughts
I tread in the tranquility of Hiroshima’s memorial of peace
There, I imbibe every frame of destruction
My innocence wandered to all corners faster than a child

The roads are unusually silent
Like a tuneless music room
I felt so deaf to listen to nothing
Aimlessly I am drifted to no where

How could I conquer the loneliness of night
When every spark of burning thoughts is pain
And this heart pumped tears and not blood
Shall I keep on weeping and wait for the wound to heal

flickers of silver lights
traversed the skies
roaring like thunder's
glaring despise....

The day is gone leaving scattered emblems
Of once picturesque skies
A cool shadow, flickers of gold
Shimmering beauty captured in vast thoughts

there is no poverty in poetry: it is a rich world
of flowers
and magic, of images that imaginations create
a warm sun

Cómo podría vencer la soledad de la noche
Cuando cada chispa de la quema de los pensamientos es el dolor de
Y ese corazón bombea lágrimas y la sangre no
Voy a seguir llorando y esperar a que la herida sane

my longing eyes are deeply staring
at the lying empty bottles of wine
and not so far away, is a misty glass
in it, is a chunk of haply floating diamond

i could get tired reading a novel
trudging through all the chapters
paragraph by paragraph
line upon line

life is a paradox..
what you WANT
you dont get
what you GET

It’s cold and dark everywhere
The clouds kissed the mountains near
The hungry rivers are shouting and swelling
Help! The grassland is drowning


the door goes bang

he leaves
with no assurance that he is returning

in these lonely summer nights
i occasionally place my bed
in the uppermost floor of my simple abode
it is directly underneath the skies

Almost as if in mourning
I typed these words
Quite not precisely like mourning
Yet there is a deep sense of loss

Not much of a time to recall
When days were young
And nights are filled with dreams
In my innocent life…

The day is yet another blessing
In my simple life and with it
The joy of having thoughts from you
Is everything beauty has ever produced

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Ariel is not a poet nor a writer but arranging words is his way of assassinating boredom.)

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Her Email (To Honduras With Love Vii)

Darkness creeps into the bluest skies
And alas, there are your words
The very essence and purpose
Of my day is about to begin
Line upon precious line
Like swift and sensual
Breeze on a humid day
Like beams of powerful sun
Trudging to gray clouds
When rain has ceased
Like tiny droplets of luscious water
Soothing my tongue
When thirst is my craving
Such is your effect
And ‘tis is my greatest joy
As I read your email
I can hear your heartbeat
From a thousand miles
Hear heavens open
Everytime you smile
Words pulsating through me
Like a river to the sea
Take my troubles away
Take away my grief
Take away my heartache
Like a thief of the night
Make me feel better
Makes me whole
Makes me mellow
Into my very soul
And my little hearfelt response
Ended with goodbyes
But behind those simple words
Are my ardent thoughts
Know that
To leave
Is to look forward
Of seeing you again
.....then i press SEND

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Chelsey Clarke 08 October 2007

you are a truely amazing writer..i will continue to read and reread your pieces.keep up the great work!

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Ayi Escalona Popularity

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