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You say I’m like a rare and unique diamond that sparkles even in the dark
You say my heart is one of a kind filled with sunshine even through the rain.

A hero is a Dad,
who carries your heart onto his with his unconditional love.

A hero is a Dad,

We encounter hard times in life as we struggle in search for peace in time.
Wings of an angel will guide our life through rain or shine.

In my dreams you belong to me.
I can hold you tight and kiss you a million times.
All through the night, in my heart you leave your mark with true happiness. If only I could openly make you mine.
A future for you and me there could never be, knowing in my dreams together we can only be.
Awakening into the morning light you start to fade.

Without a second thought we do the pinky promise to be best friends forever.

Best friends engrave our soul with love and laughter as we move on forward.

Mother, you are the inspiration to my life, because of you is who I am.
You held my hand and taught me to walk, because of you I will walk on tall.
Through your eyes you gave me dreams, because of you I believe in myself.
From your heart you showed me how to love, because of you I love with all my heart.

Sister we may not see each other every day.
You’re always in my heart. May we never drift apart.
We’ve shared so many things together.
God sent us as sisters to be there for one another.

The restfulness of the earth’s existence takes my breath away.
My time alone is where my heart and soul find their way.
My eyes embrace the beauty from across and over the land.
I’m captivated by the sensation, and tranquility from where I stand.

If only you could see the agony in my heart
How will I ever begin to make a new start?
Beautiful memories of you entwined into my life
They cut through my heart like the blade of a knife.

Our Love is brighter than the stars above.
Special delivered from the wings of a white dove.

Our love is deeper than the deepest ocean.

Like leaves swirling far and wide through the wind we cannot stay.
Slowly our life and unfinished dreams start to fade and fly away.

Sadly with no option our happiness and glory must come to an end.

They said you were no good, But I couldn’t imagine my life without you.
You said the magic of love was still there. You just wanted to be free.

If I were the rain, I would shower you with all my Love forever.
When in love everything we do we find a way to be clever.
If I were the sun, I would be the shadow that walks beside you always.
When I say “I Love You” I embrace your heart with praise.

Soaring through the broken road between heaven and earth there was calm.
I sit in silent meditation sorting out my memories the good from the bad.
With an angel hovering over me I don’t know how to say I must go.

My heart leaps into a mystical trance as I watch the ocean tides roll in.
The sun peeking above the ocean I capture seagulls soaring for their feed.
Warmth from the sun begins its fight through the early morning clouds.
The beauty and splendor of the open sea overwhelm my heart with peace.

You broke into my heart with easy access to my treasured possessions.
You took my love, my faith, and all my trust at your own discretion.
You said you loved me time and again with no real true demonstration.
I remember crying to the days you filled my life with such frustration.

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More Than Words

You say I’m like a rare and unique diamond that sparkles even in the dark
You say my heart is one of a kind filled with sunshine even through the rain.

You say my smile intertwines into your dreams till the morning light.

You say my eyes speak words of love without a spoken word.

You say my soul over flows with faith even when I fall.

You say I share my heart and soul openly with hopes and dreams.

You say I’m beautiful even when my anger is stirred.

You say I’m special and you will never let me go.

You say you will love me unconditionally forever and a day.

I’ve been down this road before I’ve loved with my heart open wide only to be hurt.

It’s going to take more than words you say, to persuade my heart your love is true.

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